Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fourth of July Weeekend

I will start off the blog with a picture of me and baby #two. This was taken Sunday while I went out to lunch with my mother. I am now 28 weeks preggo! 12 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!!

This past weekend we headed to my parents house for the weekend. My dad had some landscaping projects that he needed Jason's help with. The men spent eight hours in the sweltering heat working on this project in the back yard. My mother and I took Jase to the pool Friday. He is so "strong willed" that it's a little difficult to enjoy our time at the pool. He will go in for a minute then want to get out and walk around then he has no fear so he thinks he can just walk into the pool unassisted. He will throw some major fits if you don't let him have his way. He ended up getting a nice goose egg on his forehead and scrapes on his knee and elbow as a result. Saturday I took him to go meet our blogger friend, Ava and her family. They were up from Florida visiting family so we headed to see them. Unfortunately I was unable to get a photo of the kids together. Maybe Meaghan was able to get a decent shot. Her blog is linked on the side of mine. It was so nice of her family to let us come over and even swim in their pool. They got to witness some toddler tantrums, hopefully they weren't too traumatized. Sunday we just hung out at home and headed back home.

This was after Jase and Jason had gone for a walk through the neighborhood. He doesn't really wear his sunglasses for long and this was too funny that he pushed them up on this head and kept them there. Just like his mama!
Packed up ready to go to Abuelita and Abuelito's house.
He just couldn't make it without falling asleep the last 30 minutes. Poor guy it was past his bedtime.
The project! Jason is in the Bobcat and the neighbor is in the huge machine.
We know what he can do if Endodontics doesn't work out!

Look at him go!
Jase wanted in on the action
My two boys!

He was not happy to get out of the Bobcat.

Eating cereal with Abuelita on the porch.
What a good boy feeding himself and I didn't even teach him.
Yogurt is a favorite too.
Playing in the dirt and checking out what the men did.
Abuelito cleaning off his feet before coming inside.

Scared to be in that big scary machine!
With his fun Tio
What he thought of me taking him from his Tio to have his diaper changed. Watch out for those arms and hands.
Abuelito feeding him some breakfast in his new USA shirt that they got for him.
My mother with the grand kids! Great weekend


Anonymous said...

Big project that the neighbor and I couldn't have finished as quickly and as well as it turned out without Jason's help. Thanks again to Jason. Jase is huge as can be seen in the pictures of him in the skid steer with his dad. As always we enjoyed your company and thank you for your 'Magic' in the kitchen. dad

Maria said...

Jase is so big. I can't believe he's a year and a half. I love the picture of him with the sunglasses on his head. Adorable.

Meaghan said...

So cute! It was so great seeing y'all this past weekend! Jase is adorable. He has a mind of his own...and that's a good thing! We don't need any push-overs! :) You're more on top of things than me...I still haven't put the pictures on my computer yet from this weekend!

I'm loving the action shots of him..."communicating" what he does or doesn't want! ;) The pic of him and Jason after taking him out of the bobcat is my favorite!

You look great! And small! Maybe this baby will be your size?!?!