Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Update

This weekend we celebrated Elektra's Birthday. She is now the big 2. We had some friends come to the park and had a great time. This was Jase's first time to the park. He had a blast. Just three more weeks till he turns ONE!!! Can you believe it? Check out the Vans shoes he is sporting. Ha!
It's serious business turning 2, check out that face.
Jason had him on the picnic table standing and by the look on my dad's face it looks like he was a little nervous.

It was a chilly day but he was bundled.
He could spend hours on the swing.
He really liked looking upward while swinging.
Jason took him over to see Syd, Kyla and Talen. Here he is with adorable Talen.


Captain Kagaroo said...

Great photos, great time. Now we can't wait for Jase's birthday shindig!!! Elektra enjoyed herself tremendously at her B-party and she sure got a bundle of great gifts from her aunts and uncle, grandma and grandpa, her dad, from April's little ones and Jenny's too and from Devin and Dawn, and Renee and Erin and who did I miss? Elektra thanks all for coming and for the gifts she received. Now our family room looks like a 'Romper Room' now with Jases and Elektra's play things.

Meaghan said...

i'm loving that hat! he doesn't seem to mind it! where do you find such a thing?!

Ronald Reagan said...

I noticed that birthday party was held in my park in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Visit my link for more info on my park.