Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I mean seriously...check him out hamming it up for the camera!!
Look at him go!
Hey! Come back here with that flask! You still have 20 years to go.
He likes to look at himself and give himself kisses in the mirror.
Jase likes to sit in his swing and reminisce about being a little.
Go Dawgs!
Watching the football game with Daddy. Good times
Come on people.............who can resist that profile??
Just so delightful.


Charlie Weis said...

That boy is going to be a 'Fighting Irish', mark my words.

lillasysteryster said...

He is so lovely!!! So precious!!

titi said...

Chopper has his eyes on the flask...he is a good babysitter.. allows Jase to get into everything including on him ! I love 'our' dogs..they do tolerate our babies! Jase you're giving your abuelo heartburn wearing all that red and black. Nice to see that green bib on you!! Love titi

Mrs. V said...

He's kissing the "baby in the mirror", I'm sure he doesn't know it is himself.
I'm doing my happy dance, I get to see Jase today!!!
It'll be a full house, we're picking up Elektra today, also!!
It's "cousin time!"

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