Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or Treat Anyone?

I had to post this photo even though Jase's eyes are closed. It shows how big and cute his teeth are!
He likes to pretend he will share his food with you.
His first taste of Reese's Pieces...Dad's idea of course. (check out the cool shirt Maria got him)
I dressed up as Shrek to hand out candy. Jase was not to sure about it. He knew it was me because of my voice be couldn't figure it out. I surprised the Trick or Treaters too when I opened the door and they saw me.
He did let me pick him up though, that is one brave guy, I look pretty scary!
Look at that spider go!
Next year he will go Trick or Treating but this year he was sleeping instead!


Maria said...

Funny that you are dressed like Shrek. Where did you get that costume? I like the photo of you in the costume and your little eyes peeking through the eye holes.

titi said...

What a cute spider and what a sweet spider to let ol' Shrek touch him....

Keona said...

Oh Carmen it really looks like you all had fun in Boston and that really is amazing that Jase loves books like that I hope he keeps it up. I am so going to get a book to read to him the next time I come over.