Sunday, November 25, 2007


We had a big time for Thanksgiving. My parents came with Elektra on Wednesday night. My brother came the afternoon of Thanksgiving. We fried a turkey and had some tasty other fatty foods. Jason made a most delicious Sangria that we had in a bucket. My mother said that it was enough for an army...we finished it in three days and that was mostly my mother and me. My parents left not too long ago and I know Jase is missing them. Things are much more livelier when they are here. He has so much fun playing with Elektra and she is sweet and sharing with him, which we all know is hard for a two year old to do. My mother and I ventured out shopping on Black Friday later in the afternoon and we were able to stay out of craziness. We went to some stores that were not slam packed with shoppers. We were very surprised to see Michael's craft store more packed than we had expected. It was fun and we ended it with a trip to eat some SUSHI!!!! yes yes yes....we love some sushi. Better enjoy it now before I get pregnant again and it's on the "Not Allowed List". We had nice relaxing times and it's back to making the donuts tomorrow. Boo Hiss
Here is the Abuelito Express...All aboard!!!
Jase's Thanksgiving dinner.
What Jase thought of his Thanksgiving dinner. Even though he looks like he would eat anything, he doesn't like it all just yet. His favorite was the sweet potato.
The first cousin bath.
It was so cute and sweet.
They had so much fun.
Here is something funny Jason does with Jase's Lovey. He puts it on the floor and puts his head on it then Jase comes over and puts his head down on it.

His favorite thing to eat for breakfast. Nutrigrain waffles YUM!
With only one seat they had to improvise. What a good boy standing and holding on.
Tasty treats found this morning on Jase's face. GROSS!!He loved riding on it by himself the best. Check out his feet
Back on the passagener seat. TOO CUTE


titi said...

what fun!

Dad said...

We had a grand time with you all. Elektra just about slept all the way home. Jase is progressing by leaps and bounds! Can't wait for all of us to be together again. Check out the Kettler Trike. Looking forward to going hunting again with Jason.

eileen said...

very cute! happy belated turkey day :)