Monday, July 23, 2007

what prunes??

Jase is eating food once a day and today he told me when he wanted to eat it. He kept fussing and I asked him in baby sign language if he wanted to eat and he started flinging his arms around and making lots of noise. So I fed him his fourth kind of food...prunes. He has tried rice cereal which I decided not to give him anymore of because it was absolutely disgusting!! I saw some DHA enriched cereal that I may try. He has eaten mashed bananas that I make for him and this weekend he tried pears. Don't get me wrong we have given him little tastes of all sorts of foods but these are the actually foods he has eaten in larger quantities. As for the prunes, these pictures explain just how much he liked them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will have to buy him some more!!!!


maria said...

Funny photos. Who would have thought he would like prunes? I was eating prunes on Saturday and I was wondering why I liked something that looks so unappetizing.

Abuelito said...

I like all the pictures, but number 2 is my favorite. With his hair parted down the middle he looks like belongs with Spanky and our Gang, The Little Rascals.

Mrs. V said...

Wearing my food, YES!!! At this stage it is all finger food.
Remember before I fed him the pears on Sunday he was asking for food, again with the flying arms at his side. He hasn't quite mastered fine details for the "sign" for food, confusing it with a big bird trying to get off the ground.
It's a good thing you put on that red bib, did he gurgle or blow the prunes out of his mouth when he was tired of eating them???

titi said...

You need The Bullet. It makes great baby food of all the fruits you like in an instant. We gave one to your cousin Aaron, Jase, and his mommy uses it all the time for his food. Those prunes look more like BBQ sauce. You still look great, Jase. What did mommy look like after you bubbled the prunes?

Meaghan said...

so, these are happy faces?? :) hysterical! i LOVE the last pic the best! how fun!