Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jase has just been developing at rocket speed! Within one week he has learned how to sit up on his own from the laying down position to pulling himself up on his knees in his crib to standing up in his crib!!! Friday was Daddy Jason's birthday and we made a trip to Charlotte to visit Aunt Leigh, Uncle Tim, cousin Bailey and Austin. Even Grammy and Grandpa drove down from Virginia for the visit. Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great day! Jason got me some awesome stuff and my parents even came to eat dinner with us. We went and ate SUSHI!! yes! Jase eats twice a day now and whenever he sees us eating he wants some and will moan for it. I have to make sure I take food with us to feed him so he feels like he is eating with us. He is drinking water out of a sippy cup but mostly just chews on the spout and gets any water that may squirt out while he chews.

This picture is of Jase traveling like such a good boy and holding on to his carseat while cruising.
Jase and his cousins...the blue eyed angels!
Bath time with all his toys...he chews on each one at least once during the bath.
Clicking on photo will enlarge it and you will see his precious first tooth still working it's way out.
He lets us do almost everything to him.
Awesome action shot of the duck caught in mid air while falling off his head!!

What bubbles?
Duck head inserted into mouth...check!
Today caught in the act of standing in his crib.
He thinks he is big stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!


titi said...

OOPS! Got caught in the monitor. There is no hiding from your parents, Jase. You are so adorable.

Happy belated birthday Carmen and Jason!!

maria said...

He's such a big boy now. I love how cooperative he is with your antics.

Meaghan said...

happy b-day carmen!!! i'm glad you had such a great day! sushi sounds fabulous!! tell jason happy b-day too!

and oh my gosh! jase is just the cutest thing ever. he seems like such a good little baby! he really does let you do just about anything! LOVE all the bath time shots!...especially the bubbles! they are great! he seems so happy! you both must be so proud! can't wait for more pics! :)

Meaghan said...

woah...maybe a little overboard on the exclamation points! :) sorry :)

Mrs. V said...

When you're talking about my grandson there can never be too many exclamation points!!!!!!!!
He is solid, solid, solid...he lets me squeeze him and shake him and kiss on him, so precious, I can't stop. When he saw me he held out his arms to the side and screamed and squealed and smiled real wide, what a welcome that was. (if he does that for everyone I don't want to hear about it!)
I've bought him some peas, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas and peaches Gerber 1st foods, can't wait to feed him!!!!
Not only does Jase look like Austin (skin, eye and hair color) but I think he has the same pleasant personality, too. That must be an Ames trait!
Hugs from Abuelita

lillasysteryster said...

Happy birthday to you both!!

So cute he is when he´s standing in the crib! Thats a bih step :-)