Monday, July 16, 2007

Seven Months and doing so much

Jase has started eating food. We started with rice cereal and he thought it was an strange taste but ate it anyway. By the way, for those that don't tasted like liquid cardboard!! I have given him smashed up bananas which he likes and he loves to talk when he has the food in his mouth. I think he is trying to feel it in the throat. He eats several bites but isn't too interested in it yet. He does know how to open his mouth when you bring the spoon closer which we are not sure when he learned this. It must have been in that manual he read before entering the world. Next we will try pears!
He got to interact with other children around his age. One little 10 month old girl liked taking away toys from him and he just stared at her. At one point she yelled in his face at him and he then looked astonished and yelled right back at her which made her get up and go to her mother. Her mother thought it was hysterical because usually other children cry and she was happy that her daughter had "met her match." Too cute!
Two weekends ago we went to my parent's house. Here is Jase's cousin Elektra. She likes to say "MINE" to everything and she even says that Jase is hers.

She got very jealous that Jase was on Abuelito's lap even though she had no desire to be there before Jase came down from bed. As my dad said, "Monkey see, Monkey do!"
Early last week Jase and I headed to Emerald Isle, North Carolina to be with Jason's family. He was unable to go because he had school but we made the 6 hour trip just fine. Here is Jase right after having sunscreen slathered on all over, even under the sun shirt!
Grammy bought a little raft boat and they filled it up with warm water for Jase to play in on the deck. He thought it was great but really liked this waterball best of all.
Here was some of his audience while he was in the raft boat. It's Jason's brother, sister-in-law, mother and his Aunt and Uncle. We had a great time!!
Here is Jase with Grandpa feeling the ocean for the first time. He didn't mind the freezing cold water at all but this is as far as we went.

Here he is with Grammy just after waking up from a little cat nap on the beach. He thought she was just too cozy not to fall asleep on.
The second day we were there they moved the raft boat to the beach under the shade tent. He loved it just as much and had a great time splashing like a mad man! Great idea Grammy and Grandpa!!!!!
Here is his with his Uncle Tim and Cousin Bailey. Holy smokes, check out that leg!!
Jase likes to roll around on the floor and play with all his toys. Here he is reading a book under his jumperoo! He spent twenty minutes reading that book.
Saving the best for last...HE IS GETTING A TOOTH!!!!!! That sucker is a sharp as a razor too!


Mrs. V said...

He is soooooo adorable, let me have him!!!! Eating? Wow, I can't wait, you know how much I love to see people eat, especially up, Jase, you don't want to get too thin!!!
I'm waiting by the door for his next visit....four days, right?

Hugs and kisses from Abuelita

Sarah said...

I miss him already! It was great to see both of you...maybe we can all make it up to Ohio for the holidays?

Love, Sarah (Bishop)

abuelito said...

Nice to see Jase with all his relatives at the beach. I like the raft-pool, clever idea.

Keona said...

You and Jase went on an adventure on the 6 hour drive!

Anonymous said...

So cute in his swim shirt and bathing suit!! His tooth has already grown:) Isn't it amazing!?!
love, Auntie ERIN

titi said...

WOW! watch out for that tooth! According to your Abuelita that is what caused her to stop the mom's milk machine with Jase's abuelo!!!!LOL I always loved that story when she would tell me about it.

Love titi Liany

niya said...

I can't believe its been seven months. And those sandals are too cute.

Meaghan said...

the beach looked fun! and you know i love the tooth pic! seems like he's tolerating that pretty well! what a great kid you have! :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like you guys had lots of fun. Kimberly