Wednesday, July 04, 2007

End of Seven Months!!

It's a big week! I am now officially a stay at home mom and I could not be happier. I will be watching another baby three days a week. Tomorrow the baby, Reese, will be five weeks old and she is one of Jason's classmate's baby. I will start watching her tomorrow as well. Jason went back and started his endodontic residency on Monday. Two more years and then he will be done. Yippee. Jase is really changing everyday and he just cracks me up with all the sounds and noises that he makes with his mouth. We really can see little teeth trying their hardest to come through and he seems to be in pain because of it. Only time will tell though. As of Sunday night Jase has been sleeping in his crib at night. It was very stressful for me because I really liked having him in the cradle in our room. But he was getting too big for the cradle and poor guy was used to close quarters and the crib is so big that he tosses all over the place before finding just the right spot. He's getting used to it though and such a good boy when it's time to go to sleep anytime. He will talk to himself and play with some of the crib toys for a bit then falls asleep. In the morning when it's time to wake up he just talks and plays by himself for at least 20 minutes before letting us know that he wants to get up. He still wakes up every 3-5 hours but sleeps for 12 hours a night. He takes at least two naps a day and if we are at home then he is able to take three good naps. He's like his momma and sleeping is a favorite hobby. Tomorrow he will be seven months old and is such a big baby boy!

Here he is posing with Chopper who makes him giggle every time he sees him.
My stud muffins
Oh how I love that knucklehead
He loves playing with his toys
Told you it was his favorite hobby.
The hat says it out everyone!

Still loves his jumperoo


Meaghan said...

I've been meaning to ask you how that stay at home thing was working for you!! I'm sure it's awesome! I wish I had you living here around me so you could watch Ava also! Stacy (and Reese) are very lucky to have you! We're still not sure what we're doing...keeping our eyes and ears open, though! Great pics, by the way! LOVE the camo socks in the last one! :)

maria said...

He's starting to look like a little person. Sounds like everything is working out smoothly and he definitely looks like a happy baby. Congratulations on being able to stay at home!

lillasysteryster said...

Yes! Finally you are a "free" mum! Enjoy your time at home with Jason!!

And such a good boy he is! Sleeps in his own bed! Thats big :-D

titi said...

Staying at home = now you will not have anything done on time......because you have all day to do it!!!! Trust me, I KNOW!!!! For a fact dear niece, that I was much more coordinated when I had two jobs* my outside job and my mom job* now heck....I have all day to be with the boys, do wash, garden, shop, be with the boys, cook, be with the boys, volunteer, be with the boys, make appoinments, be with the boys, cook, get my drift, oh yea and be the last one to go to bed when I announce it first! The STAY AT HOME MOM! But it is fun, Carmen.. I know you will love it! This is where the 2,500 words come in when Jason returns home each evening...LOL (There is a study out there somewhere that explains the amount of words a wife speaks to her husband when he gets home...I always laughed at it...)

Enjoy Jase and the other babies, it sounds like it's going to be fun. I bet you will be asked if they are triplets when you take them to the park!! Won't that be a hoot!

Mrs. V said...

Jase is so lucky to be adored by two great parents!!!

He looks like he is about to crawl. I can't wait to see him this week-end and show him how to sign "abuelita", are you working on "mom" and "dad"?

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