Sunday, July 23, 2006

Two for One

Okay, while I was online shopping for one of our friend's baby I found a onesie similar to this one but it cost $40!! There was no way I was going to pay that much. So I went to another website that has thousands of different personalized items. I found other baby clothes that had funny sayings on them but none that said "Lock up your daughters!" So, the website said that if you didn't see what you wanted to contact them and they would make it for you. I contacted them and this is what they sent back. Great!! So I ordered it and waited and tracked my order online. Well the online tracking said that it had made it to Augusta, GA five days after I ordered it but it had not moved out of the post office. At this point now it had been 12 days since I had ordered it and I was a little worried. I contacted the company and they could not figure out why I had not received it because it had made it to the main post office in Augusta. The nice gentle man stated he would put a new order in and send it next day delivery, FREE of charge!!! I asked if and when the other package came in would I need to return it. He said I could keep it. Two days later I received the new order and still had not received the first order, now 14 days after ordering it. The next day I went to the main post office in Augusta to find out where my package was. They told me that I would have to wait until the package actually made it the my local post office before trying to find it because there were too many packages to search for my package. hmmmmm......I was not happy, but okay at least I had received one of them. I went home, still no package at the door. The next day after coming home from work 16 days after ordering it, I finally got the initial order. So you know what that means...a new t-shirt for Baby Ames for free. Whatcha think??


titi said...

It pays to call customer service!! Way to go girl..Abuelita would be proud of you.. a true V. Love

sun/3:30p.m 23 06

mj said...

That's a funny shirt. I can't believe it took 16 days. Good thing you called.

Anonymous said...

that's cute.