Monday, July 24, 2006


Today we went to the doctor and recorded the heartbeat. You will hear the heartbeat which is the fast swooshing noise. You will also hear a squeaky noise every so often and that is the sound that baby movements are making on the monitor. The doctor said that he was very active and kept raising his eyebrows with every squeaky noise. How exciting!!


Mrs. V said...

Oh, my, alien communications from the alien....scary squeaky noises. I'm glad you recorded it, this is really special. When you laughed it squeaked, also, so I wonder what the squeaking really is. My grandson, wow, wow, wow!!!

lillasysteryster said...

Its really cool that we can hear the babys heartbeat thou its still inside the belly! A little bit scary too... :-)

Now I can hear my babys sounds for real and its even better as I think you can imagine! My baby is precious and Im very, very lucky that got a healthy baby boy :-)

The shirt that says "look up your daughters.." is really cool!

Thank you for the gratulations on my blog! The bedsheets have I made from some fabric I bought on "Ã…hlens"... That is a store I know you dont have in USA, but you can alwas check if IKEA has it!

Take care of yourself and your baby!

titi said...

CG, how exciting!!! This was a neat suprise this morning. You know those sqweaks could have been mistaken for something else.. ;-) Good thing you told us what they were!! LOL
con mucho carino tu titi
6:00am 25 july 2006

mj said...

That's neat that the doctor can see him raising his eyebrows. I'm impressed that you were able to record it and post it on your blog. You should post the video of mother finding out you are pregnant.

Anonymous said...

How impressive and exciting is that!! I'm quite certain that Jason was as thrilled as you. What camera did you use to make the recording? Take care of yourself and the baby, love dad.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for sharing this wonderful experience with us. This is power of God and all the Wonderful things that he can do through science.

Cathy said...

How precious. I remember that sound very well. I am glad to hear him so active. I can't wait to see and hear more!

Anonymous said...

That is the best sound you will ever hear. Can't wait to see him:)
love, Erin