Monday, July 03, 2006

18 Weeks Down 22 to go!!

Hello everyone! Not too much happening here since finding out we are having a boy a week ago. I have been shopping a few times and really find it hard not to buy every precious piece of clothing that I see for boys. I did buy a few items at Baby GAP that were such a great deal I could not pass them up. I bought bigger sizes for him because we are suspecting that he will be a big boy. Now we are trying to figure out a name for the little fellow. We have looked in the big book that April gave us and online, it's so hard to find that perfect name that will belong to him for the rest of his life.

Pretty much since the day I found out I was pregnant I have been disturbed in the middle of the night with trips to the bathroom. They say it's because you produce about 50% more blood volume and your kidneys go into overdrive. It is so aggravating because I am not able to fall back to sleep very quickly. I have tried drinking less in the evening and going right before going to sleep but nothing works. There have been only two nights where I did not have to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Many times when I wake up to go to the bathroom I have just had a terrible dream that wakes me up out of deep sleep. So I usually wake up with a splitting headache and/or my heart racing from the dream. I guess my body is preparing me early for the sleepless nights ahead of me.

Last week while I was sitting at work I felt him kicking my belly so I looked down and I saw my skin jump three times. I could not believe it and I was just in a trance. I have tried to see it happen again but have just gotten frustrated since it happens in a blink of an eye and is not consistent. I know I am rushing it because soon he will be kicking me in the middle of the night when I am trying to sleep. So for now I am now trying to enjoy the little bumps that I do catch.


titi said...

looking good!

Leela y Timbo said...

testing testing 1 2
testing 123
am I on?

Leela y Timbo said...

ok good, wow, I'm live! Hey Carmie, you look so cute and happy. I think I see some broad shoulders in there! U better watch out! I can't believe it's already been 18 weeks. UNREAL! We can't wait to see you at the beach. Love Ya :)

sistor said...

Good luck with the naming process.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited that you saw him kick your belly!! Isn't it the coolest? Can't wait to hear what ya'll are going to name the little guy. Ben used to always tease me and say he wanted to name them something silly like Lucky, or Lamar. Have fun picking out his name and just remember it will be his name forever. :)
Love, Erin

niya said...

Just wait until he starts kicking field goals inside of your belly.