Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Three weeks past due

Having a good time with Abuelita. This picture was taken several weeks ago but I thought it was so cute.

Running home to see mommy

Look at those red cheeks. It was chilly outside while my mother and he walked the neighborhood.

This is one nasty looking witch. I originally hung it from the light fixture in the dining room to see what Jase would do. Well he wanted her down so I hung her on the pantry door.

Needless to say he really liked her there.

I have made some friends and joined the moms group and we went to a Pumpkin Patch that had a hay ride and farm animals and a corn maze (which we did not go through because I was afraid Jase would decide to get lost). He and the other children loved the farm animals and chased the chickens around for most of the time!

Here he is coming back from going to the pig pen after chasing the chickens and roosters in there. He was not supposed to be there and luckily came back out before jumping in the mud pit.

So he climbed up and watched from the fence.

He thinks he is soooooo big.

The boys posing for a photo. You can tell Jase will be a protector when they get older.

yum. Zach has eight teeth now. He loves to dance and prefers adult music to children's music. He will swing his arms around and bounces up and down. He doesn't say any words yet but can do the signs for milk, eat, bath, sleep, fan, finished, daddy and blows kiss with making a clicking sound with his tongue!! I haven't really taught him any others but I need to since he isn't' talking. He is very sweet but boy does he get angry when he is upset! He loves to cuddle and lay his head on your shoulder randomly. He pretty much goes to anyone that wants to hold him, including strangers. He is still just cruising and crawling but can stand on his own and has taken a couple of steps at one time but not more than that. He loves to try to get Jase's pacifier from him and suck on it. And when he can't get his way he screams and then lunges forward to bite you. I have been bitten several times trying to get him from biting Jase.

Jase sat for the entire hayride which is surprising since he has a mind of his own and wants to do things on his terms.

Jase was nervous about something but couldn't keep his eyes off of it. Here he is squatting looking from the other side of the porch.

This old lady in the right side of photo thought he was cute and kept taking his picture. She said she was an artist and was going to paint his picture. She was very serious and not real sweet so she was hard to read. I should have gotten her name and number so I could buy a painting from her.

So Zach was a little more brave but concerned about the same thing that Jase was hiding from.

Look mommy a spooky witch that moves when she senses movement.

I really shouldn't put this shirt on Jase again until he gets his hair cut because it really confuses people on his gender.

Here we were packed up a couple of weeks ago to visit my parents. We took the truck so that Jason could tow the golf cart and work on it with my dad. It's a tight squeeze in the back of the pickup truck. This was also Zach's first time in a forward facing car seat. He now doesn't cry every single time I put him in his seat which makes my life just a little bit easier.

My beautiful mother at a whopping 60 years old! And for those of you that remember what my dad looked like a few years ago, he is growing out his beard and hair again.

My precious niece Elektra. She was a good girl for dinner out for my mother's birthday.

Trouble number 1 and 2.

Jase wearing his old spider costume hat that Zach wore for Halloween this year. Jase wore it when he was 11 months old.

A picture of his luscious locks. I have been told by several people that I need to cut his hair. Maybe for his third birthday we will do that but we will see how much I actually let them cut.

A cheapo mask I bought that did not look as cute on me as it did on Zach.

Jase dressed up as a skeleton for Halloween. He was so cooperative when I went to put some makeup on him. Here he is puckering his lips. He was so excited that he kept smiling which made me mess up on the skeleton teeth a bit but he looked so cute.

I should do play makeup more often. He would never stay this still for anything else. the look in his eyes is so cute. And no he does not have white makeup on the rest of his face. He is just that pale.

Looking at himself in the mirror was priceless.

So happy to be a spooky skeleton.

Serious business here.

At first Zach did not like his brother's spooky face.

Then he was okay with it. Jase only lasted to the end of the driveway in the wagon. He wanted to walk the entire time.

My mom dressed in her cow costume pulling Zach along for the ride.

He looked so adorable and said Trick or Treat in a loud voice at every house. Some people were dressed scary and would be cautious but not afraid. At one house this man was dressed as the Grim Reaper and was really freaky but all Jase said was "hi skeleton" in his high pitched cute voice.

Here we are waiting our turn for candy.

This was Jase's first time trick or treating and he did awesome. He held my hand the entire time and really enjoyed himself.

Zach had a good time riding in the wagon. There was one house that the lady put candy in his basket and he looked inside and started digging for the candy. It was so funny to see. He does like to eat lollipops but prefers salty foods over sweet foods.


orange and black stipes said...

I love the serious look in the mirror with you and Jase.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Thanks for posting. abuelito..

Amy said...

Whew! Sounds like you have your hands full with those two little guys!!! Great pics!

Maria said...

I love the photos. I totally thought you put white makeup on Jase's face for his halloween costume!

Betsy said...

Halloween make up is awesome - they both look so cute!

Sarah Bishop said...

I just wanted to point out that Jase looks about 13 years old in those pictures!...They were both adorable on Halloween!

Mel said...

There are so many pictures and events that I want to comment on that I just don't know where to start! I guess I'll just say I LOVE IT!!! Precious, precious, precious KIDS! And tell your Pop that I'm glad he's growing his hair out again and to your Mother, WOW!! I had no idea 60 was so SEXY!!