Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jase meets his Idol

The weekend of Halloween we went to see Thomas the Tank Engine in real life! When my mother sent me info that he would be less than an hour away, I knew that it was where we needed to be. They had all sorts of fun stuff for the kids to do and then get pictures taken with Sir Topham Hatt and Thomas. Every hour they had a train ride that last about 20 minutes with Thomas pushing and pulling the coaches. Jase could not believe his eyes when Thomas came tooting his whistle. He wanted so bad to touch him but they had the area roped off since he was a mobile engine. He had a great time and didn't want to leave. They had a tent selling all sorts of Thomas stuff and I would not allow Jase nor myself to go in the tent. It's hard enough not buying everything I see in the stores. My mother ended up buying him some stuff and some he will get on his birthday then Christmas. If your child loves Thomas it is worth going just to see him in life size.

Jase not too sure of Sir Topham Hatt.
I had to get in the photo with him. Kind of creepy


They had it set up for a professional photographer to take photos on this platform.

Super excited and can not believe his eyes.

Zach going along for the ride.

very cool

They didn't want to sit with us!

Now I know why! hahahaha....

It was nap time so Zach was holding on to his blankie to keep him happy on the train ride.

They played music and sang songs on the ride and made us clap our hands.

He went back for a second trip to Sir Topham Hatt.

This time he had his picture taken by himself.

Zach attempting to eat an apple. He's my super picky eater.

He had fun playing in the dirt so his pants had to come off. Look at those muscular legs! yum


Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos and memories. Glad we were able to be with you all for such a neat event.

Aunt Leigh said...

cute cute pics. What a dream come true for Jase. Did he think this was REALLY REAL? Does this make him love the show even more? I also LOVE the pics from the trip to the farm w/ the animals. So funny that Jase ended up on the wrong side of the fence and barely missed jumping in the pig's mud pit. That would have been a humdinger of a picture. Miss u all! Love, hugs, and kisses!

eileen said...


titi said...
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titi said...

Wow! That definitly had to be a fun day. Aaron also loves his trains. So you'd guess it Santa from Ohio got a little crazy with the blue engine and his friends. Michael is working at Toys R Us, so you can just imagine....