Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Settling right in

Life has been quite busy and fun the past few weeks. The boys continue to have their daily swim lessons. Zach will be possibly done this Friday!! Jase on the other hand still has at least a couple more weeks. He has discovered that it's easier to lift his head out of water instead of rolling back over to his back to rest and get his breath. The instructor says that he is not afraid of the water and that is the problem we are having. He isn't afraid of getting water in his mouth and swallowing it. Cross our fingers that he gets it soon! He isn't allowed to swim outside of the lessons until he "gets it". The boys have been going to preschool and are doing great. Jase is now very excited about going and doesn't even look back when they take him out of the car in the drop off line. What a huge difference from a couple weeks ago. Zach is having fun and doesn't cry much while he is there. I don't expect him not to cry because he cries when he is with me. It is such a wonderful break for me to have those six hours by myself.

So I joined a mom's group to get together with some other women with children the same age as ours. We have played at the playground at Burger King once and last week we went to a Fire Station. It was really neat to go into the fire station and see where the action takes place. Jase was a wild man and was very excited to see other children his size. While other kids stand next to their mothers, he walks around looking at what ever he wants to see and gets irritated with me if I tell him to stay. So I look forward to more playgroups at playgrounds where he can run around till he drops and I don't have to worry as much.

Jase was very nervous when we put him in the fire truck.

Zach wasn't too sure either but didn't cry.

One of the few photos that I have with me and the boys! Too bad I am the only one looking at the camera.

Once a week we go to Monkey Joe's (which is an inflatable jumping place). He loves it and it pretty much releases about a tenth of his energy. His favorite is a very tall slide and he goes up and down over and over and over. There was one that once you go in you can't see your child till they come out and he used to be really afraid of it. I actually had to lift him out of it over my head one time when he was screaming in fright. But this weekend he went in and was fine and kept going in an actually stayed in there for quite sometime. At first I thought he must have exited without me seeing but then he came down the slide. Who knows what he was doing in there!

A couple times a week after Jason gets home from work he takes the boys for a golf ride through the neighborhood. Jason is liking his job and really enjoys the guy he works with. We haven't made any friends in the neighborhood yet. Jason has talked to a couple of them but I am rarely outside to see any of them. It's a very quiet neighborhood and it seems that many family has older children living with them or the children have left the house.

The boys absolutely LOVE riding on the golf cart.

I love this photo. Check out Zach's hair.

I have made friend's with one of the mother's in Jase's class. So we thought we would make it fun for the boys to get together outside of school so that they would feel more comfortable at school and get excited when they saw each other. She is the first person I have met that is actually someone I could really hang out with other than with our kids. It is really nice to have someone with a child Jase's age to do girl things with and mom things with.

Jase really loved pushing this around and around better than being on it.

Zach just relaxing watching the other children play. He does real good sitting in his stroller but will get upset if it's too long.

Why is it that when ever I see this photo I think of future broken bones and stitches in my future? He is all boy and thinks he is real big.

Move out of the way!

He does like to push this truck several times throughout the day. Look at that leg and foot.

Zach is still just crawling and pushing random objects around the floor. Not sure when this guy will walk!

Erin came to visit with Jack (almost 5 yrs old) and Bowen (2 years old)this past weekend. This is what I found around the corner one afternoon. The boys all sitting together and Zach screeching with pleasure. We had a great time with them visiting us.

Wild crazy boys! Hey Bowen, that's not your pacifier!! Little rascal kept taking Zach's bobo and sharing it with him.

My mother bought Jase a costume. We were afraid that he would be scared of it but he loved it and wore it for over an hour, except for the mask part. He sure is a cute spooky skeleton. Jase is speaking non-stop. His teacher told me that he was so smart, she coudn't believe it. He knows all his colors and the alphabet (all the time) and 1-10 and can count to twenty. I told her I needed to teach him to be able to recognize numbers larger than 10 and she told me not to teach him too much because that wouldn't leave much for her! Funny.

Zach has learned that screaming is a fun thing to do and does it whenever Jase screams and on his own for fun and for frustration purposes.

Zach has learned to sign eat, sleep and milk. He signs milk when he first wakes up and it's so cute.

just in case the video can't be viewed above.


Erin said...

love jase's costume...too funny! you should let zach be a mummy!! glad it is all going so well in WR! can't wait till next time:) love u girl~erin

Anonymous said...

I liked all the photos and the one of Jase atop of the wall says it all about him, 'dare devil 100%'. Great stories, too. Thanks for sharing your memories. dad

Betsy said...

that is so neat that you guys got to go to the fire station - very cool thing for the boys. Hopefully you can get some young blood in the neighborhood so you can start the block parties!

Meaghan said...

awesome that your joined a mother's group! how did you find it? i've been thinking about doing that, too!

is that your empty house?? where's all your furniture?? :) looks like a great neighborhood! i agree with betsy, though...gotta start those block parties soon!! ;)

love jase's costume! what will zach be??

radamson said...

Your family is so sweet. I can't wait to see you again. Talking Rock is waiting for a visit. Love, Cindy