Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big boys

This is where Jase hangs out a lot of the day. We eat breakfast and snacks here. Sometimes even lunch. He likes to stand there because he can see me and the TV when it's on. He will play with his toys and read books there too.
We went to the beach with some great friends who have children around our children's ages. They are so cute to see interact together.

What better than friends for life?!

They thought this exersaucer was so cool.

Jase showing the boys how to play with it.

Zach watching the boys play in the kiddie pool. I forgot to mention that Zach weighed 24.3 lbs at his last well check appointment. No shots...thank goodness, it is so sad to do that to them.

Jase wearing daddy's sunglasses. This pool was only 1 1/2 feet deep.

How awesome is this for the kids?!?! They had a blast. It was on the fourth floor roof that was extended out from the condos.

Not sure who had more fun?

The beautiful butterfly slide. Check out the view of the ocean!

This pool worked out great. Jase will no longer be able to use any flotation device since it will mess up his new skills of water survival that he is learning.

Just watching the boys...still. Mommy why can't we get in?Jase's language and communication is really really growing by the day. He can say any word and I call him my little echo. He knows how to ask questions and answer some of my questions. Soon we will be able to have conversations.

Zach is a happy boy and smiles all the time. He is a cuddler too and lays his head down on your chest or shoulder. He is vocal and grunts to talk but mostly happy as a lark.

When we got to the condo we all sat outside on the patio and talked. It was so late but there was no way Jase was going to be able to sleep yet. So while we were out there he pointed below us to the water and said "Look the E is coming out of the water". Needless to say, it took the adults several minutes to figure out what he was talking about. After that, it was all we saw too.

part of our view

The also had the largest water show in America at this place.

Enjoying some ice cream.

Big strong squeeze hug from Jax.

Time to pack up and leave. Great time.

Eating some cereal before his first day of preschool. He did great. No tears from either one.
Mommy is so silly taking so many pictures of us.

Jase has this Thomas coloring book. We were flipping through the pages and he says "Look mommy it's Henry" I was stunned that he knew which one it was since there were no colors and he looked like many of the other trains. So I asked him "Well how did you know it was Henry if there is no color on the pages?" (knowing he would not be able to answer me because he never had before) so then he says "Henry is number 5" I just sat there for a few seconds and was shocked! He answered me, that means he did know what the heck I was saying! Wow. (Sorry for sideways picture but could not figure out how to straighten it once I downloaded it to blog.)


Maria said...

Love the photos. Jase is so smart and observant. I can't wait to hear about his water survival training.

Anonymous said...

Great story in words and pictures. Can hardly wait to see you all again. (the dad in lawrenceville)

Erin said...

Love the scenery ya'll had. breathtaking view! I can't wait to get my hands on ZMan! He is sooo cute..I love his dark hair. and Jase's curls are sooo cute! I am so glad he had a great day at school! Whoo Hooo! love ya'll~erin

Anonymous said...

Very Cute, I love that he knew it was an E coming out from the docks! I might have to print that picture to show Emerson...E is the only letter she knows so far...


Meaghan said...

looked like a great trip! where did y'all go?

LOVE the ice cream picture!

SO smart to see the "E" and know the #5!! sounds like a conversation to me!! :)

Mrs. V said...

So cute and so smart, I am dying here.
So, Jason, when are you putting in one of those cool wading pools in your backyard?

Andrea said...

Such cute pics! It looks like y'all had a great time at the beach - I want to go! :) Can you believe our little ones are going to be turning 1 soon?!? It makes me a little sad, especially when I look back at pictures taken last Fall.

I can't believe Zach weighed 24 lbs. at his last doctors appointment!! Madeline weighed 18 lbs. 11 ozs., but I definitely think she has grown since her 9 month well check up. I guess we will see at her 1 year check up next month! AHH!! :)