Sunday, August 02, 2009

The last two weeks have been full of events. Jason and I both had our birthdays. I tried to cook a special dinner for us for Jason's birthday. Along with little boogers at my ankles slowing me down, the potatoes took forever that I wanted to make into twice baked potatoes so we just had regular baked potatoes and then the grill caught fire but luckily did not damage it. So for my birthday we went out to eat. We went to Japanese Steak house which was so good but Jase FREAKED out when they lit the grill on fire. Poor guy about tipped over the high chair trying to get away and was screaming and the look of terror on his face was so pitiful. For ten minutes afterwards he held onto my arm leaning his head on me saying "it's okay mommy, you right (you're alright)". I felt sooooo bad. My sister came this weekend and got to see our house for the first time and it was wonderful to have her here. I registered the boys in preschool and they start in one week. I can now go grocery shopping by myself and am so excited about it! Jase will go three mornings a week and Zach will go to two mornings for three hours a each day. Tomorrow also starts the beginning of the boys swimming lessons. It is through a program called ISR. It is going to be at 4-6 week program with 10 minute lessons everyday of the work week for the amount of weeks it takes for the children to learn the skills to survive. These are not your ordinary swim lessons. Check out the link if you are interested in learning more.
What do you get when you leave Zach's bowl of food to close to him? A real messy boy!
Zach is really scooting himself around when he lets you put him down. He loves to dance and when we are in the car he will push his feet against the back of the seat when he is really jamming out. We listen to children's music, my music stations and the Black Eyed Peas CD which is the boys favorite. Jase's is also trying to learn the beats and words to the songs. Boom Boom Pow!

Zach's pincer skills are really good and he loves to pick up all sorts of things, including nasty bugs outside. My sister was so traumatized when he did this while in her care. I had seen the dead bug outside so I knew why she was so upset. It was huge! We have been doing a few signs with Zach and he has caught on to the "eat" sign and uses the back of his hand and hits his mouth and makes the sound "ah ah ah".

Jase thought my breast pump was a "spy scope"! Here he is demonstrating them for us. Spy scope is on the Diego show.

At least once a week we got to Burger King for Jase to play on the indoor playground. He loves to wear a crown every time we go and even wears it days later. He is talking so well and is starting to be able to tell me things he wants or needs or just wants to say his thoughts. His overall temperament is getting more pleasant and less and less emotional outbursts are occurring. Thank goodness!


Mrs. V said...

How adorable is Zach...where is Titi Maria when you need her. He thinks that's a much better way to eat, fistfuls at a time. I love the spy scope, I'll have to show the ladies at work who own pumps, they's die.

Maria said...

I'm still traumatized by that bug! I didn't know he had put it in his mouth until something told me to stick my finger in his mouth and that's when I found that bug! Ugh! I'm just glad he didn't chew on it on it or swallow it.

Other than that, I had a great visit. Jase and Zach are so cute and sweet.

Maria said...

The breast pump/spy scope photo is hilarious!

Betsy said...

pelase please save the breast pump picture for Jase's prom, wedding rehearsal, and first baby shower - hilarious!

Andrea said...

I love these pictures especially the breast pump pic! Some of my friends that have had a girl first and then have a second baby say that their oldest always breastfeeds their baby doll. I am sure Madeline will breastfeed her baby doll one day when she has a brtoher or sister! :)

I think that is great that you are doing the ISR classes. I received an email from a woman recently that is going to start classes in September, so you will have to let me know how it is. I am thinking about signing Madeline up!

Anonymous said...

Miss you all. The Dad.

Meaghan said...

hahaha! the birtday cooking disaster sounds like me when i try to cook. funny! :) happy belated birthday to you both!

LOVE the breastpump picture of jase. that is awesome.

zach is getting so big...and he just seems so sweet. is he a quiet little guy??

glad to hear jase is having less emotional outbursts...sounds to me like he's able to communicate much better now, and i'm sure that's helping a TON. but he's a sweet, sweet boy. :) getting so grown up too. geez. it happens so quickly! :(

glad to hear y'all are settling in!

man, you always have so many comments! i'm jealous! :)