Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am back online!

We are moved in and trying to get settled. That is going to take some time since things don't happen overnight. Right now we have little furniture since we lived in smaller house before and some of the furniture we have has to go (well, at least to the basement). I am dying for new family room furniture! Who knew furniture was so ridiculously expensive!! Ugh. So for now the house is kind of bare inside. We had Jason's parents and my dad help us move in. So we have had tons of family time between a week at the beach and then a week here. I am learning my way around town but with GPS it isn't too hard. Jason is enjoying his work and keeping busy. Here are some photos taken over the last few weeks.

Zach at Jason's "graduation" dinner. Zach clapped whenever everyone else was clapping. We didn't get to bring Jase because we were driving to and from Augusta in one evening and it would have been a nightmare with him. A very happy moment in our lives!

Jase playing outside. He sees train tracks for his trains no matter where he is. Including my shoulders and the neckline's of my shirts!

Here he is getting this Thomas on an adventure through the mulch.

Hey Jase, Look it's Abuelito and Abuelita driving up!


We went out to dinner to celebrate Jason finishing school. Here he is showing his muscles with Daddy and Uncle Syd.

Bubbles taste good mommy!

He is insanely crazy about getting in bath and actually will try to fall out of your arms to get in.

Ladies please don't be jealous of this hair.

Zach loves drinking out of his sippy cups. He also loves blowing the train whistles that Jase has. He prefers to be held but for some bouts of time he will play with toys and walk around the coffee table. He is finally in a crib which is helping him in his pulling up and sitting back down skills. I had him in a cradle for over 7 months and then he was in a pack'n'play while we were traveling and in my parent's other house. He has 6 teeth and it seems like there will be another one popping out sometime soon.

Jase enjoying his new "waterpark" with Jason's parents.

This picture reminds me of my sister when she was a baby. He loves being in bed just as much as Jase did. I can lay him in bed and he just talks and plays till he falls asleep and then the same thing when he wakes up.

For those of you that have been following this blog since I started it. This is the float we used when Jase was just a little baby. He was just relaxing in it, so chill. For a moment. He has really been loving swimming. He has this great flotation device called "puddle jumper" and it really gives him confidence and he just swims around by himself without too much struggle. Now if we could convince him to keep his mouth closed and stop swallowing the water and sometimes choking on it.


I caught my mother in a precious moment with Zach after swimming.

Having good times with my dad. Jase is getting somewhat better with his major meltdowns. But is getting a little bit more vocal and doing this annoying screaming thing when he gets upset. And in a house with almost all hardwood floors, that can get pretty freaking loud! He loves to help me around the house by feeding the dog, throwing away trash, putting his toys away and putting the clothes in the washer and dryer. Now if I could just figure out how to get him to put his toys and books away on his own.

I thougth this picture was so adorable. He was smiling and squinting while I was taking his picture. You can see the big space between his front top teeth and how they are kind of crooked.

What a big boy wearing 12-18 month and some 24 month clothing. Jase is in 4T and 5T, although the waist of most pants are too tight when I buckle them.

Zaqui likes walking around the coffee table and only goes to the right.

You see the couches. I have couch covers for them but I am hoping that exposing them will encourage Jason to get new ones sooner! ;)

Jase now lets me put hats on him and he actually keeps them on. Check out how he stacked his toy.

Tasty Morsel.


Anonymous said...

Finally! Great! Jason

Erin said...

ahhh yeah..they are soooo precious carm..but you already knew that!! love all the pics..can't wait to come stay with ya'll!! Fun you

Betsy said...

love the crib one of zach and the profile of jase - adorable. it is amazing how much bigger zach looks from the beach! Can't wait to see you all again soon.

Maria said...

Fun photos. I like the one of Zach clapping and the action shot of Jase and the mulch falling from his hands. The pool water looks so blue. Can't wait to go swimming in it. Have you been in it yet?

Anonymous said...

I know you're excited to be done with the move! Congrats!


Meaghan said...

So glad that you're back online! Great update! I know you probably don't want to do this...but you should look at Rooms to Go for furniture! It's SOOO affordable, plus, it's usually no interest AND no payments for a long time! I mean, y'all could pay like $25 a month or something! Plus, it'll inevitably get yucky with kids and dogs- and in 5 or 6 years- you'll be ready for a change and new furniture! I know people think it's cheap- and I kinda did too..but they've got some nice things that will last a while..check it out!! It's basically free for a year! When we get into a house, that's what we'll do for the living area!

Anyway, your boys are so cute. Jase's curls are ridiculous! I'm totally jealous! Zach just continues to be such a sweetie. Can't BELIEVE he's in 18-24 months!! Crazy! Ava's still hanging on to mostly 18 month stuff with an occasional 12 months for her shorts! Was it cool where y'all were?! They're wearing jeans!!

oh, and congrats again to jason. glad to hear he's loving work. i start in less than a week!

Loved the update!

ashpuck said...

It must feel so good to be home! You've been so busy lately but still manage to take wonderful pictures and make fond memories. You are such a good mama Carmen! Love the pics of your precious babies. Talk to you soon



snexig said...

Hello from Sweden :-)
Test IKEA ;-)

Melissa said...

Love all the pictures! your boys are so precious, I love Jase's curls!! I can't believe how big they are! Paul just turned 4 months, and the 0-3month stuff still fits well with a little extra room even! (my little shrimp!)

Glad you are getting settled in the new place. Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Such cute pics of the boys!

Andrea said...

The previous post was from me. For some reason it posted as anonymous!

Joey & Page Craft said...

How cute are your boys!! Oh, my goodness they are absolutely precious. I love the curly hair (Cindy would be proud of that). So happy to hear that the move went well. You have a beautiful home. You look fabulous by the way!!!
Much love
The Crafts