Sunday, March 01, 2009


Instead of Mexican this Friday we went to eat some sushi. Here is our plate. The little tuna rolls are Jase's.
Here he is munching on his rolls.

I made some cupcakes and gave one to Jase.

Needless to say, he really really like it.

Here is the face to prove it.

The boys got a package from my Titi Glory in Arizona. Here is Zach in the Box. (get it!)

He says he approves and the presents taste good. They got some adorable Spanish/English children books and Zach got some cool clothes too!

My sister (Titi Maria) was here for a week and she thought it would be fun to have snow in the house. Normally this is just not something I would come up with but the kids thought it was great. Jase got very upset when it was time for the "snow" to be put away.

By the way, these packing peanuts sound like clanking glass when it falls on your head.

Zach enjoyed it too.

We had to take him out of it quick because all he wanted to do was eat it!

Having a good time in the jumperoo. Check out that fun shirt from our blogger friends in Sweden.
Jase is really talking good and actually saying some sentences. The morning after my sister left he grabbed my hand and said "Lets go see Titi Maria." It was so cute and sad at the same time, his little face dropped when I told him she was gone. When we went to the doctor to have his ears rechecked there was still fluid in them so we have to go back in a few weeks. Ugh. His nose is running again and he has started coughing today. I am sure his ear infection is back and now are sweet little boy is a bit cranky again and acting those "terrible twos." His top two year molars are busting through so now he just needs his bottom two to come in.


Anonymous said...

SNOW!! How fun was that?!! Even your cousins here in Ohio still like to do that...I'm like you, I would call it a mess and they love to play in it. Has Jase discovered bubble wrap?? I bet that would have him dancing a jig if he could get a hold of a piece!
love titi

Maria said...

Good times. I'm glad I was able to spend time with you and my nephews. Jase cracks me up and Zach is so sweet and happy.

Andrea said...

I love that Jase is eating sushi!! :) I hope that Madeline will like it one day.

Zach is too cute in the box - there is something really fun about putting little babies in a box!

Your boys are so cute and I love reading your blog!