Monday, March 16, 2009

Sitting and Sleeping

Jase sometimes falls asleep on his floor during some of his naps. Normally it is on the bean bag in his room but today it was the bare floor. I had gone in there three times to tell him to get in bed because he was playing with his toys and reading his books. I couldn't see him in his bed on the monitor and didn't hear him so I went to peak in and this is what I found. Too cute. He slept like this for almost two hours.
I sat Zach up with cushions around him for the first time today. He had fun trying to play with all the toys and was even shaking from excitement.

He even was catching some Little Einsteins while I got Jase's lunch ready for school.

Look at him! He looks professional.

Finally I was able to upload a video to blogger. It took several hours to finally finish uploading but it's done. Just Zach in action while sitting today.

Just in case blogger doesn't is youtube.


Mrs. V said...

Wow, how adorable!!!
Even my stomach muscles got a work-out trying to help him reach over and sit back up.
I love it when I'm the first to comment, even before being invited to view your blog....yay!
You'll have to make certain the carpet in Jase's next bedroom is real cushy, what a good boy!!!

Anonymous said...

Zach looked like he was trying to do 'sit-ups', I guess he needed someone to hold his legs down so he could swing up. I don't know that I've seen Jase be still for so long as in the video watching the TV. ....ito

titi said...

Jase will definitly have a 6pack before the age of one!! I am envious of his crunches. Did you join in>>Jase says "at least I can toouch my toes."

Meaghan said...

oh my gosh! i love that picture of jase...i love when babies (yes, he's still a baby!)fall asleep in places other than their beds. so cute.

and that, he is so busy! and so determined! loved the timber at the end. such a sweet boy!

Meaghan said...

by the way...i adore jase's outfit! those jeans are so freakin' cute! the whole outfit is perfectly jase!