Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Three month ear infection

Jase has been with ear infection now for three months. At last weeks doctor's appointment it was decided by a different doctor that Jase should receive antibiotics shots. She told me I would have to bring him in for three days straight to get the shots and I told her I was willing to do anything to get rid of this infection. He is like a new person when he does not have an ear infection. So with that said, he got two shots in each leg for three days straight. Poor guy, he knew when we were going and would say "medicine in leg...hurts!" then he would say "doctor, check your ears." We actually saw our doctor at the park and he acted like he didn't know her and kept playing then later when she was leaving he said "doctor check your ears." I just cracked up. Another funny thing he said just today was when he opened the refrigerator door and said "hmmm....let's see." HAHAHAHAHA...I guess that is what I say when I open the fridge to see what I can feed him. He still cries like crazy when I drop him off at mother's day out and he stops crying when the teacher gives him his pacifier. She says that he doesn't cry again after I leave but I have no idea how long that pacifier stays in his mouth. He had lost his interest in Dora, but will watch her if she comes on. He is now back to being crazy about Little Einsteins and Thomas and another favorite is Blue's Clues. He is repeating all the words on the shows and actually can sing some of the songs they sing. His voice is so squeaky and cute. Zach is all smiles and happy to be here. He still wakes me up about every two hours to nurse, which is making me exhausted to say the least! He is now five months old and is on the verge of being able to sit by himself but does not roll over or move anywhere. Which is fine by me because I love having him in the cradle next to my bed and want him to stay there till we move in three months. If he does advance in his movement he will stay in our room but will move to the pack n play. We didn't set up a nursery in the house because he was going to be in our room until we move and our house is only three rooms and we need that guest room available. I look forward to decorating his room in what ever house we get next. Zach adores his brother and wants nothing more than to be able to see him at all times.

I won the shirt Jase has on so then I bought the shirt Zach has on. I have to bribe Jase with food to get him to sit still long enough to have pictures taken with Zach.
Taking pictures without flash is tricky with two kids that don't stay still. This is the best I could do.

Jase loves to put his head on Zach and have Zach pull his hair.
These pics just cracked me up. Get him Zaqui!!!!
Oh he loves his little brother sooooooooo much!

We are going to have to feed Zach some food soon, he really wants it.
Look at him holding on and sitting up in his swing. He comes close to falling over in it.
Here is Zach and Jase sitting in Zach's cradle. So cool to think they will be forever buddies. First we have to get Jase used to the idea of sharing the toys, he's not that keen to the idea.

Jase going to Home Depot with his Abuelito.

He had a blast, but I think my dad had an even better time with his grandson by his side.


Maria said...

Wonderful photos. That's funny what Jase says to his doctor. I love the big brother, little brother photo shoot. Is Zach wearing orange flip flops in the photos?

Maria said...

Wonderful photos. That's funny what Jase says to his doctor. I love the big brother, little brother photo shoot. Is Zach wearing orange flip flops in the photos?

Anonymous said...

Jase is my co-pilot and he loves to ride in the Vette. People can't see it in the picture, but he is in his car seat and he is not heavy enough to turn on the air bag so he is safe. Zaqui is such a nice baby, all smiles except when he is hungry. They both weigh a ton each. Love them mucho, mucho. I don't know how I'm going to get them in the Vette at the same time, oh well... Oto..

Sarah Bishop said...

SO cute! They sure do love eachother!...also, love that Jase is already eating sushi, yum!

Andrea said...

What sweet pictures!! I think it is so neat that Jase and Zach are best friends. Wouldn't it be so cool to always have your best friend around?!?

I love the picture of Zach grabbing for the food. That is exactly what Madeline was doing. I remember my doctor telling me to watch for signs that she is interested in food. I never understood what that meant until she actually would watch Jim and I eat very intently and try to grab our food. She would literally watch the spoon from the plate to our mouths. It was pretty funny!

I am sorry that you aren't getting any sleep at night - I know how exhausting that can be, but Zach is a growing boy!! Hopefully you will get some sleep soon!

Meaghan said...

i'm starting to really appreciate and relate to the things jase is saying since ava's just starting to chat. the "doctor check your ears" is so funny and "hmmm...let's see" is TOO MUCH! goes to show that they're listening to EVERYTHING you say! the boys are super cute. zach seems like such a great little guy. funny that you have to bribe jase to sit still...i totally see that happening with ava...already have to do some things (like cute nails, fix hair, etc) while Dora is on. she's all over the place!

what about ear tubes for jase? have your docs mentioned anything about them? sometimes they're necessary for chonic ear infections.

only 3 months left! YAY! any news on a new house? how's the "for sale" going? we haven't put ours on the market yet...we've got to GET GOING!

hope all is well! great pictures!!

Meaghan said...

so jealous that jase eats sushi! i hope ava will eat it one day! good to start early!! :)