Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

Jase had his first day of "Mother's Day Out" and he did pretty good. I took him at 930 am and he went straight into the teacher's arms. She offered him a cookie but he handed it back to her. He immediately wanted down and ran to the toys. He didn't even acknowledge me when I tried to say good-bye. They said later that he realized I was gone and was crying. He was comforted and went back to playing then cried again. Poor guy I wonder what he was thinking! So they said he had a great time playing outside and the half cup of sand in his shoes were proof. He also ate all of his lunch. I picked him up right after lunchtime which was 1230pm. The class lasts till 130pm but I was not sure he would make it to then since his usual nap is at 1100am! He was very happy to see me and his little eyes were red and he looked so drained. I should have picked him up sooner though because he was so exhausted that when we got home it took him two hours to fall asleep. He is sleeping right now so we shall see how long he stays asleep and how messed up he will be later tonight. Maybe at his next class on Wednesday I will pick him up at 1130am when they come in from playing outside. So we can make this a little more gradual on his sleep schedule. Some of you may wonder why I am taking him to this program but I am hoping this will help him with his social skills and give him an opportunity to get out of this house. Poor guy gets bored being locked up in here and when baby comes we will definitely be a family of hermit crabs for a while. I am looking forward to it cooling off outside so that I can take the kids outside at any time of the day and not worrying about them getting too hot and me melting in the process! I didn't get to take as many photos as I would have liked of today's events but here is what I got.

There are only 5 kids signed up for Monday class and here he is checking out the toys.

Here's a picture of the lunch I made him and he ate all of it. They are supposed to have a lunch box they can carry so this container goes inside the lunch box.
This is the lunchbox that he picked out. He had a chose of Monkey or Frog and he clearly chose the frog. He wanted nothing to do with the monkey when we held them both up at the store to choose from.
I keep getting request for more belly shots so here I am at 34 weeks today.
Taking self portraits is interesting!


Maria said...

Oh my goodness, such a big boy going to school! I'm glad you took pictures of his little lunch and lunch bag. Too cute. So sad that he cried when he realized you were gone but it will be good for him.

You look great in your photos. Your belly looks small for only have 6 weeks left to go. Plus, you aren't wearing pregnancy pants.

Mrs. V said...

So sad and so exciting...dang, he sure looks like you in that photo, yikes. I'm glad you got that photo.

And that belly IS small, don't you think? Oh, well, definitely not twins in there, I guess, sigh.

Anonymous said...

I am saving a pair of my size 14 shoes for Jase,he'll grow into them for certain. He is always stylish thanks to his mommy. Mrs. V says that you have a small belly and I say you make your belly look small ;-) No matter what, you look great!! dad

Meaghan said...

Awe. Sad that Jase cried after he realized you were gone. :( But, I'm sure he had fun. Maybe you could try stretching his naps back gradually on the days that he's still home with you. Would that help? What a healthy lunch you sent with him!

You're looking awesome! :)

titi said...

First day of school is always more traumatic for mommy! I remember being asked "you not gone, mommy, why” made me feel great, not. He will enjoy his new outing with each visit.

Keona said...

Awww Carmen you get a couple hours of me time. Your a BIG boy Jase!

simply kris said...

Hi Carmen! thanks for entering my giveaway! I love that you take belly pics. They are terrific!

eileen said...

You do look great! Jase must be getting excited about having a sibling.