Friday, August 15, 2008

End of 33 Weeks

Has anyone noticed on the sidebar how many days left I have before I am supposed to give birth??!! Holy cow, it's just around the corner. I am at the end of my 33 week and feeling great. I just can't believe how different my belly feels this time. I look the same but I am not feeling stuffed yet. I have had some swelling but not nearly as bad as the first time. It is probably because I am not stuck at my desk for 9 hours. Not that I do much around the house with the kids but I am not sitting down the entire time. I do run out of breath easy and sweat like a pig at times. The line on my belly hasn't gotten as dark as last time either. The one thing that is the same unfortunately is my pattern of sleep...terrible! I toss and turn all night and part of the night I am in that awake but asleep state and I can't even blame it on having to go to the bathroom because I usually don't have to but do since I am awake. Still no first name for those of you dying to know. The middle name will be Howard for Jason's grandfather and by coincidence my grandfather's middle name as well! I had a doctor's appointment today and I was able to go alone because Jason was able to meet me there and switch cars with me and take the kids home. My doctor visits always take 2hours from check-in to check-out. They told me the doctor is overbooked until October...ummm that is after my baby is born. Ugh. Try keeping Jase happy in a stroller for two hours. Hello DVD player!!!!!! Anyway, it was such a relief to go by myself that I felt like a new woman afterwards. I am doing good they say and have gained 20 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight. Woohoo!!!!!! I already weighed way more than I would like and I am now knocking on the dreaded 2-0-0 door! :( I also found out that if this new doctor would have been my doctor for Jase's birth that I would not have been put through the torture chamber and given an epidural shortly after I got to the hospital. I literally could murder my previous doctor for almost making me want to never go through labor again.
This past week we went to Warner Robins to check out the area where we will live. Trying to scope out some potential neigborhoods and get a feel for what we want to do. It's less than 10 months from when Jason will be done. We will have to put our house on the market but don't want to do it too early or too late. Either way real estate is still pretty decent in this area so hopefully it won't take too long to sell it. I have been watching Designed to Sell almost everyday to get an idea of what sells a house and have come to the same conclusion each money equals no design. ha. I will keep you posted on that. While we were there I did get to see one of my college friends, Angela, that will soon become my neighbor. Jason and I also celebrated our three year anniversary on Wednesday. We are having some of Jason's relatives coming to visit us for the weekend and we are very excited about that.
Me and my beautiful friend Angela
Jase sitting on the couch reading.
Jase and I reading on the kitchen floor while I cooked.
Flowers from my parents for our anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

Long video of my stomach moving a little.
Video of Jase talking with Daddy and playing.


Mrs. V said...

Wow, a post about the Mama, how special. How about that baby moving, I had 3 bellies and I've already forgotten about it, how cute is that baby, anyway? Don't have to close my eyes and keep my hand still to feel him....he's doing back flips!!
How adorable is that video of Dad and First born? And just like a boy to throw himself from the couch, no worries about getting hurt. Jase still talking up a storm, but now he looks like he is saying something specific. Lovely interchange, Dad and Son.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. Your wiggly belly in the video moved like Jello in a bowl. Jase is a trip!! dad

titi said...

Belated "Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary". Both videos are neat.

Meaghan said...

What the heck!! Where have I been?! I feel like I've been checking your blog all the time with no updates! Now I look and I've missed TWO! Ugh!

Well, I loved this post! Thanks for the mommy update! Good to hear that everything is going so well! Gives me hope for my next pregnancy?!?! ;) 20lbs?! That's it?! That's GREAT! REALLY glad to hear that you've got a new doctor that seems a little more reasonable! Hopefully it'll be a great experience this time!

Happy Anniversary!!

Ok, a LITTLE belly moving?! That baby was doing some serious sommersaults!

The video with Jason and Jase is super cute! Ava got that ball blowing toy you have in the background for her birthday!

Not too much longer!!!