Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Week at the Beach!

We are back from the beach. There were a total of 12 adults and four children in a duplex on the beach at Emerald Isle, North Carolina. One side of the house had my family and the other side had Jason's family. Jase was so excited when we got there and immediately said "Ocean" when he saw the water and beach. We couldn't believe he knew what it was in person versus photos. At first he was afraid of the water but after a couple of days of testing out the water his fear was gone with the tide. All he wanted to do was dart right into the water. He gave Jason, my dad and Jason's dad a workout when he was out there. It was so hot and the sun was so intense that he and I would stay inside in the morning then he would nap (I would catch some rays on the porch) then he would wake and eat lunch and finally we would head out to the beach. As the photos and videos show below we had a great time! It was so nice of Jason's family to invite my family to go on their yearly trip that they have been making for 20+ years.

We had just gotten to the beach house before anyone else and Jase was very excited and jumping on my suitcase.
Here he is running around so excited the night we got there. That is the house we stayed in on the left and me strolling down. (I am not a fan of dirty sand in my toes)
The look of pure thrill
He found a hole that someone else had dug and he was going in but didn't want to touch the sand with his hands.
He's in!

This stuff feels weird he says.
Cousin Elektra in the hole too!
So so so excited to be at the beach!
My dad was feeding the seagulls on the porch. Jase thought it was pretty neat to have all the birds hovering. watch out for poo!
Here is a picture of me and my belly and Maria. (sorry Maria, you were in all the shots of my belly!)

The kids table for dinner, Jase would already be asleep by the time dinner was served. Sorry buddy, you missed the party.
Jason and I celebrated our birthdays during our vacation. Here is the gift I gave him. Pictures turned out good but boy is it the most stressful thing to get Jase to do!
Jase watching TV with his Grammy.
Out to dinner and Jase eating the butter!
Maria and me

My birthday crableg dinner. yum
Austin and Bailey helping me eat my birthday dessert.
it was windy!
Jason's brother, Brian walking with Jase. How freaking adorable is that shot!?
Not everyone wanted to watch the Little Einsteins movie so Jason made Jase his own seat.
Jase trying on Elektra's sunglasses, upside down.
Jase thought my dessert was pretty good, here is inspecting it to make sure there is some chocolate on that spoon.
Elektra with Abuelito's hat on and her chic shades that Titi Maria got her.
Happy fellow in the water

Hold on tight Grandpa!
That is a happy face!
Elektra loving on her daddy.
My brother, Mario aka Quique, wanted to be buried in the sand. They even gave him a cross.
Here we all are (minus Jason's cousin Robby). GOOD TIMES!!


Anonymous said...

We had a great time with you all! Jase was a handful keeping him safe from himself when he made his mad dashes towards the ocean. 55 days to GO! you're almost there! dad

Anonymous said...

Carmen is the best blogger in the universe! Jason

titi said...


Anonymous said...

The week went by SO fast. We had a wonderful time at the beach with y'all. My clothes are washed and I'm ready to go back. Mrs V cooked us VERY yummy meals!! YUMMO!!!Miss you all sooooo much. I'm so anxious to see you all with your new baby. Can't wait!!! Love Grammy

Meaghan said...

Can I just tell you what a freaking CUTE kid you have. I laughed OUT LOUD at all those videos!! How entertaining! And the pic of him watching his little movie on the cardboard box is so cute. Can't wait til we're back in Atlanta so we can hang every once and a while.

It just doesn't get much cuter than that! I love your kid. :)

By the way...you look awesome! :) Can't wait for that new baby!!

Love you dude!

eileen said...

Great photos! Looks like you all had a wonderful vacation.