Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Last weekend my sister and her boyfriend came down from Boston. We had a great time visiting with them. We mostly hung out at the house and on Sunday we went to the Braves game. Jason and Jase stayed home so I was able to sit and watch the game. My parents took Jase down to the pool Saturday and we went back on Saturday. Even though the water was cold Jase had a great time swimming. It was nice having my sister come into town and see how much Jase had grown and changed. I really have popped the last couple of weeks. The baby is moving like crazy and is just kicking and punching like a madman. My stomach moves all the time but just like Jase, he especially loves to move at bedtime. Jason talks to him and that really gets him going and he punches Jason in the face.

Does he look like he is comfortable or what?!
He loves splashing in pool and the bath.
My brother and Jase's cousin, Elektra.
We need to get this guy some swimmies or a swimsuit with floaties inside it.He looks like he will be swimming soon.
I just love this view

He loves dunking the ball. Look at those shoes!
Reading with his Titi Maria
Having fun at the sink.
Maybe he will be able to help me with dishes soon. Yeah right!

He loves his abuelita.
Relaxing after swimming.
Eating watermelon for the first time. Loves it.
Elektra with her new hat, ball and bat.
Maria and Jamie still had one day left so they went to the World of Coca-Cola.
My parents celebrating their 35th anniversary! Congrats!!!!!!


Mrs. V said...

Jase didn't mind the COLD water, it made him jerk a little at first but he never complained. On Sunday it was warm and he was relaxing in my arms as I walked around in the water, singing nursery rhymes to him and him singing them back to me. He helped himself to some other kid's bath toys that were by the edge of the pool and held onto them the whole time. He loved the crowd at the pool who were celebrating Memorial Day with a free cook-out. He walked around non-stop in and around everyone's area, talking to anyone who would listen. The only way he would sit still is if we fed him.
It was a wonderful week-end, having the whole family together was fabulous!

eileen said...

looks like a great time!

Meaghan said...

oh my gosh! i totally missed this post! i came back to check when your due date was....barb (patrick's mom) asked...and there it was, a post i had missed!! looks like your memorial day was fun!

i just really love jase, and i can't wait until we are back in atlanta (and y'all too) so we can get together sometimes! i feel in the loop with you and your family, but still so far away! :( we'll be heading to atlanta for the 4th of july...might y'all be in town? we'll be there from friday, 4th until monday,7th.

LOVE that great pic of jase and abuelito (???) from the side. and him standing in the chair at the sink. such a sweet boy. any names yet for the new baby?