Tuesday, May 06, 2008

17 Months Old

Jase is still as loud as ever. He screams when he is angry, happy and for no reason at all. He just jibber jabbs all the time and to anyone that will listen. He uses his hands and face to express himself while talking. He is so friendly and lets just about anyone hold him, even someone that he has never seen before. He likes to repeat words but usually from anyone else but me. His top two molars are partially out and causing him a lot of pain coming through. The bottom two are working their way up and the gums are bulging. So needless to say we have a cranky little fellow on our hands.
Relaxing with Dad before going to bed.
Such a silly boy! (Sorry folks, still no photos of my belly. This will just have to do for this week. I keep forgetting to get a shot)
He loves riding on his Zebra toy!! He squeals and bounces and jolts around on it
This face just makes me melt and forget all the screaming and yelling he does.

He loves his Honey Nut Cheerios! (check out the cool shirt from our friends in Sweden. thanks Linda)
Reading while eating his breakfast
He is getting so big!


Anonymous said...

Cute.. Can't wait to put the harness and leash on him so we can go jogging on the sidewalk. abuelito

titi said...


Anonymous said...

I just can't wait!!!!!!!!!Grammy

Meaghan said...

on my gosh...he is so sweet. i just know exactly how you feel about him...and i love all the pictures this week. he is getting to be so big. and i LOVE the first pic! i love that he "reads" so much! i hope ava does that!