Monday, May 19, 2008

Big Weekend

This weekend was our trip to Jason's brother's wedding. We drove a little over 8 hours and arrived right after midnight. Jase only slept for two hours from 9-11pm. He's not much of a car napper. Thank goodness for the portable DVD player along with his pacifier. By the time we got there he had plenty to tell his grandparents. The next day we had rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. He did so good and stayed in the high chair at dinner for three hours straight. He was fine when everyone was talking but once the room became quiet and Grandpa made a speech and everyone started clapping he became very frightened. His bedtime is 7pm and poor guy was up till 10pm. The next day was the wedding and I would say he was an angel during the ceremony but he and I went to the car so that we would not interfere in the service. At the reception he sat with us at the head table and did so good. He danced and was just in heaven with all the music. Then he took me for a walk all around the room and outside on golf course. He was so exhausted from the weekend that that night he went to sleep at 9pm and didn't get up until Jason woke him up at 10am!!!! Poor guy. We are so very happy for Brian and Betsy and wish them all the happiness in their future together.

We had our sonogram today to find out the sex of the baby and it's a BOY! The baby weighs approximately 15oz and seems to be doing good. We had both Jase and Reese with us and they were not happy that I was on the table and screamed the entire time. It was supposed to be a fun, calm experience but it turned into a stressful screamfest. Hopefully we will get to have another one before the baby comes. Maybe this time we will get the 4-D done. Needless to say we are sooooooo very excited!!
Only a face a mother could love :)
Baby was doing yoga in there. The technician thought it was funny that he had his foot on his head.
The proof is between the legs! Boy parts!!!
Me with Betsy, the Bride to Be. Very excited to have her as my sister-in-law!
Taking Grandpa for a walk
The handsome brothers. Middle one is the one getting married.
Check him out in his tux!

Getting loves by mommy and grammy!

He loves to "Dip Dip" his french fries. Usually it's ketchup and this was a honey mustard first
Sucking the honey mustard off of the fry.

getting those french fries in as quick as he can.
The party animal in action. He danced and danced the night away! Check out those shoes!!
Here he is having a blast with new cousin Mary.
Here he is being admired by all the young ladies. Being held by cousin Sarah.
Dancing with his cousin Austin.


titi said...

Congratulations on another BOY!! Are your hands going to be full! Jason you are on your way to a full football team or hunting partners for sure!!!

From what you describe you can not complain about Jase's behavior at the wedding.. lets hope his brother will be as good! Congratulations again to the three of you!
Love titi Liany

Anonymous said...

The new Big Brother is all decked out in a TUX! Check him out! He looks as handsome in the pictures as he is in real life. Jason and his brothers are three big guys for sure. And Jase's mother looks so smashing. Looks like you had a grand time. The sisters-in-law are gorgoeus young ladies. Nice picture of the three brothers. See you soon. Abuelito.

Sarah Bishop said...

Yay!! It's a boy! That is so exciting...and a lot less stress for you! Any name ideas yet?....Had fun with you guys at the wedding!

Anonymous said...

Another BOY!!!! YAHHHHH!! THREE BOYS IS A NICE FAMILY. We had such a wonderful weekend. Thanks for making the effort to be there. It is much too quiet at home. We love you ALL SOOOOO much. So many Jase stories this weekend!!Kisses,Kisses!! Grammy

Meaghan said...

CARMEN!!! I can't believe you're already 20 weeks!!! (Right?) Congratulations of having another boy! They are going to be such wonderful friends...and Jase will be such a great big brother! What fun!!

You look GREAT GREAT GREAT!!! When are you going to post a pic of that belly?? I have to live only through your blog!! When is your due date again?

Congrats again! Jase is super cute!...Just adorable. :)