Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This post is long overdue since Jase's surgery. All went well and he did so good. My mother had come to be there with us while we waited. Jason and I were pretty tense. We had to be there so early in the morning and forgot the camera. They put Jase in a small hospital gown which we were able to keep. Maybe I will take a photo of him in it for a later post. They gave him some medicine to help calm him so that it would not be such a fight to take him from us. He tried to whimper but it just would not come out and the nurse walked away with him. The procedure took almost an hour and then we were called back to recovery. He had a caudal block or spinal block (similar to epidural) so this made it so he wouldn't have to be put under as deeply and recovery would be a lot quicker. After the surgery we went back into the room where there were other children that had had different procedures done recovering as well. He was in a neutral mode but happy to see us and wanted me to take him from the nurse. The other nurse was jealous because he had not had a chance to cuddle with Jase yet. He was immediately trying to take the blood pressure cuff off and the oxygen reader off of his finger. Within 15 minutes we were discharged and ready to go home. On our way home it was about 9am and Jase was signing eat! Poor guy must have been starving since he had not had breakfast yet nor been able to nurse. We got him a McGriddle from McDonalds and he ate the entire thing. They prescribed some pain meds that we gave him for the first 24hrs and then ibuprofen. He didn't skip a beat! After he took a nap he was up and running around having a good time with Abuelita. My father, brother and niece came later that evening for a weekend visit.

The next day we were able to take off Jase's bandage that was wrapped several times around his penis. I wanted to post photos but didn't want to tramatize any of you. It looked like a "pig in a blanket", you know those appetizers that are the little wieners wrapped in bread. It was very difficult to remove because it was kind of stuck to the skin which did not make him happy. Several more days passed and things seemed to be doing fine until he had some swelling. That was disturbing and we had some issues with getting him seen by a doctor. They said it was normal and should heal nicely. To make things even worse he got a cold too. Nasty nose, coughing and then red gooey eyes. All is well now though. Here are some pictures from the last week and half. Scroll over Note to see what I wrote about each photo.


Anonymous said...

Nice moments, thanks for sharing. Abuelito.

Mrs. V said...

I'm going to die, those photos are so cute. I like the head sideways one, there is no comment but it could say, "Hey, aren't I cute?" The one of Choppie looks like a professional shot you see as ones the graphic designers purchase.

Yes, the saddest site ever was watching the nurse turn the corner of the hallway and disappear with baby Jase in her arms. Noooooooo, come back!!!
Waiting for the surgery to be over was not a fun time, I tried to be positive and relaxed so the parents wouldn't lose it. (It did bring back memories of waiting for my son to come out of brain surgery when he was months old.) I did a lot of praying just for good measure. Jason had to pace the hallways as we all felt like our hearts were being ripped out of our chest.

The surgeon did not mention there might be swelling and to expect it as something normal. Everyone was hysterical waiting the 5 days for the surgeon to come back into town.

Kids do so well with surgery, Jase was walking up and down the street the same day of the surgery.

Maria said...

Thanks for the post. I like the PictoBrowser and Flickr additions. I love the photo of the water being poured on his head. Too cool

Meaghan said...

oh my gosh. i could just cry thinking of what it was like to have someone take your baby away to surgery. and all you want to do it go with them so you can make them feel okay. so wonderful that everything turned out alright and that he did just great. doesn't it make you feel better that he didn't really even care that he just had surgery??! i mean...he had a mcgriddle! :) anyway, y'all are good parents...jase is lucky.

great pictures!