Saturday, December 22, 2007

Santa WHO????!!!???!!!

We are in Herndon Virginia visiting Jason's parents. Today we went shopping and also had Jase see Santa at the local mall. We went after Jase's second nap and dinner. We got there at 630pm and they told us we had a wait of an hour and forty-five minutes until we would be "paged" and then we could get in line!! There was no way in Haiti Jase was going to last that long. Aunt Betsy went back to the desk to make sure of the wait and saw someone she knew working there. They told us to walk around for about five minutes and come back and we could get in line. I mean have never been so luckily for a Santa line in your life. He did so good. He was so tired too since it has been a long two days for him. I was so anxious standing in line in fear of him getting soooooooo upset like other children. My stomach was turning! He did so good though. He looked around like "What the heck is going on?" I placed him on Santa's lap and then the lady rang her little bells trying to get him to look at the camera to get a perfect photo. Santa tried his best to get Jase to stay calm. He was a sweet man and did a great job. I hope you can tell the fright in Jase's face. Enjoy.
Jase hanging out with Uncle Brian
Jase with his Grammy and Grandpa headed out shopping
Jase with Aunt Betsy before meeting Santa.
Not too sure of what the heck is going on.
Still not too sure.

Get me out of here!
Who the hell are you????!!!????
Forget the lollipop....
...I want to get out of here!!!!
This store is calling my name and this huge Pooh Pez dispenser is what I want!


Dad said...

Great story and better pictures, yet! Lil'Jase is smashing, thanks to the way mommy dresses him. Hope you all have a great time with the Ames family. Merry Christmas to all. Love dad.

Mrs. V said...

Mommy told me never to take candy from strangers and you are definitely strange, Santa, besides, I don't like mint! Mom, why are you standing over there? I don't think this is a good idea...hey, guys, come get me...!!!! I'm trying to be brave but I don't know how long I can last!! Hey, guys!!!
Wow, look at this window, no one ever told me about this, this could be fun.

titi said...

Jase, you look very handsome with Santa and it looks like you knew what you wanted! You didn't leave him a calling card, did yoy? If you didn't I am sure he'll be visiting you every where you go!! Take a look at your car seatback... I think one of the Reindeer's antlers are stuck on it.

Merry Christmas on your travels and drive carefuly.
love titi Liany

eileen said...


Merry Christmas to the Villamesos!