Saturday, December 08, 2007

One year stats

One year down, many many more to go. Jase had his one year check up and he did very well. He got four shots and his finger pricked for blood. They were testing his hemoglobin and lead levels. His lead levels tested as low as the machine could detect. Thank God!! He weighs 27lbs, 30 1/2 inches tall and has a big ole noggin of 19 1/4 inches. He has started doing some signs and is consistent at doing them and I just keep waiting everyday for him to do more. He can point to some parts of the body (including teeth!) and different objects in the house. Jason came home one day this week with food from Wendy's including a plain cheese burger for Jase. Unfortunately we did not take pictures of this historic event. He ate the entire thing excluding a few pieces of bread at the end!! He is still eating baby food that I make and food off our plates as well. He makes faces when he tries milk but likes Vanilla flavored Soy milk, hopefully by the time I stop nursing him he will like milk. I found out that he will need 20 ozs of milk when I stop nursing him!! I can't get him to drink that much fluid now so we shall see.

Eating some Moe's that daddy brought home and daddy let him eat some sour cream out of the small container. BUSTED!
showing off his quesadilla eating skills
Mother what are you doing?
BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS!! He does this all day long. I put them up and he looks at them and pulls them down.
Outside playing with Chopper.
They put a band-aid on his finger after they pricked it. He didn't take it off but kept feeling it with his thumb.
Running after me. I was trying to take a picture of his band-aids on his legs.
Those are some delicious chunks of love!!


Mrs. V said...

27 pounds??? He weighs as much as his 2 year old cousin, Elektra. I wonder when he'll be taller than her. He is stretching out, but look at those chubby fingers, so cute!!!
Hugs from Abuelita

maria said...

I love the photo of him chasing after you.

Mrs. V said...

Cute, Maria, is when you tell him, "I'm going to get you." and he takes off running, giggling!!! Who taught him that???

Anonymous said...

Love the fingers!! Couldn't be any cuter:)
love, Erin

Mrs. V said...

What's with that silly grin in the first picture, does he know he has done something he shouldn't???