Sunday, December 16, 2007


This week continues to mark new skills for Jase. He now can do a couple more signs, I just need to learn new ones so that I can teach him more. First thing this morning he signed "book" to me as soon as i picked him up. It was his way of being able to actually communicate with me and it was so cute. Whenever we want him to show someone what he can do he doesn't do them right away. So then we look like we are liars. He knows how to drink out of a straw now too. Not sure when children know this skill but I was impressed. He still doesn't say anything..not even mama or this signing thing is extra exciting for us. He is getting more teeth coming through. right now he has six, three on top and three on bottom. He has been gnawing and biting on everything and drooling extra amounts the past few days. Maybe he will have eight teeth by the New Year. Today he was walking with a book and slipped on another one and hit his face on the coffee table. Below are some pictures of the developing bruise. Poor guy it was very sad when I saw the immediate mark and knew that it had to hurt and it is going to look ugly in a couple days. The weather has been quite crazy here lately. Earlier this week the highs were in the low 80s!! Our plants are confused and the azaleas bloomed again...doesn't look right to have Christmas lights out and flowers blooming too. We are headed to Virginia on Friday to celebrate Christmas with Jason's parents and brothers. Yeah! I will try to post before we go and I may not get a chance to post until after we get back but you know I will try to. If not, Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

Here is Jase teaching Reese (girl I watch during the week) how to bang on the drum. He tries to talk to her and play with her but he is still too rough with her to be left unsupervised for even a moment.

Chowing down on his cheese burger. He fed himself this way until all of it was gone.

Blooms and lights just don't go together.
I just thought this was so cute of him reading.
He was having a blast walking around eating his frozen peaches in the mesh feeder. Click on photo to see it larger and see that face even better.
Normally I don't turn on the TV during the day but I needed to get something done and I just cracked up to see him sitting there watching SpongeBob Squarepants as if he knew what was going on.
Reading and walking

Just minutes after he fell...fresh tears still on his face.
You can see the immediate response the skin did
Almost three hours can see it bruising and starting to sag a little.
We found some shoes that actually fit Jase's very thick feet. I never knew they made Extra Wide shoes for children!!!!!!
How flipping cute are they??!!
Walking around trying not to trip on all his toys.


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Poor boy!! Learning from the school of hard knocks is tough. Nice shoes!! (Abuelito)

Anonymous said...

who's beatin' my baby?!? i love the shoes, Luke thought they were awesome! He has NB too! First of many boo-boos.:( love, erin

Mrs. V said...

The kid doesn't even have 8 teeth, yet, how can he eat a burger??? Look at the size of those hands holding on to the burger, yikes! Such a cutie, can't wait to have him running around my house.

maria said...

He's a little baby bear. I'm glad you were able to find shoes that fit him. Those are some snappy kicks.

PCK said...

You're teaching him sign language! How did I not know that?! That's awesome! He's growing so fast! He looks more and more grown up every post! And, ugh! That black sad! Hope it gets better soon!