Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Monday we went out to eat for our 2 year anniversary. This is Jase at the head of the table. I forgot to bring him food and we didn't have his pacifier. oops. I have been only giving him his pacifier when he sleeps. But it worked out well. We had ice water and a straw which Jase loves to have water poured in his mouth. (Meaghan...we went to Salsa's Mexican and remembered that you and Patrick had done the same this year)
Doing what he loves to do all day long!!
Just love that profile...okay I love everything about him.
Moving around the room to anything he can pull himself up on.
Delicious tasty chunky monkeys!!!
I love it when he looks down and his lips and cheeks pouf out.
He says that this toy is so good to shake, eat, and move around.
I put frozen fruits in this mesh feeder and he just loves frozen peaches!
Of course he wanted the camera so that is why his eyes are watery but click on photo and you can really see those little razor blades.


maria said...

I can't believe how big he's grown. I love his Captain Dribble outfit and all his expressions. Those teeth are growing fast. I need a mesh feeder with frozen peaches.

titi said...

He is getting so big and beautiful! His eyes still grab me!!

Darcie said...

I check your blog all the time as well as Meaghans. I am so pathetic...just discovered a couple weeks ago that I could actually post comments...I know, I am a little slow. I love to see all the pics and updates. Hope school is going well for Jason, and keeping the kids for you! I am still here in Augusta, and working in Aiken! Call if you want to go to dinner!

eileen said...

Happy Anniversary!
MJ told me you and baby Jase are coming up in Oct. Can't wait!

Meaghan said...

I didn't even notice that you referenced me and patrick going to salsa's for our anniversary...PATRICK actually caught it and told me! (that means he reads your cute)! salsa's is a great anniversary place! i miss it! no good mexican in gainesville!