Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Eight and a Half Months Old

Jase is officially crawling like a pro. It was overnight he went from shoving his face in the floor to moving on all fours. So now I have to keep Reese in the bouncy inside the Pack'n'Play so that Jase can't get to her and gouge an eye out. This past weekend Jase got his first experience in a pool. As with most everything else...he loved it. He just took it all in and was looking around. After we got home my parents came over for a few hours and we grilled out and off they went back to home. What a special treat for them to come over.

Jase loves to make this gesture by shrugging his shoulders and smiling so cute.
That is one big boy snoozing in that crib. (check out that cool bedding:)
He knows he is a big boy
Showing off and acting cool and relaxed while daddy floated him around the water.
He wanted to eat the float!
Just like his momma with the major wrinkled feet.
Time for chow!
Under he goes!!!
Coming up for air. What a good boy!
Daddy having a blast


the dad said...

Is that a toy or a real boy? He looks so good. We enjoyed the food last Sunday. Thanks for havingus over.

Meaghan said...

oh my gosh! hanging from one foot?! SO cute! and that wrinkled foot!...i could eat it up! you've got one cute kid!

titi said...

A water baby! I love water babies. They are so much fun.

Mrs. V said...

It's so cool you have a neighborhood pool, some day you'll have your own!!

Jase is hanging up like a fish Jason just caught. Dad can sure think of fun things to do with his boy, Jase is so lucky to have him for a dad.

Thanks for letting us come over, it was great fun being at your house and around that gorgeous kid, watching him enjoy life.

Look at those hands, don't make him mad, those are almost as big as mine.

Anonymous said...

love me some upside down time

lillasysteryster said...

How nice to float around in a pool! And what a dive! Incredible boy :-)

maria said...

Super photos. I love the one of him chillin' in the water.