Monday, May 07, 2007

My poor baby!

Jase started getting a fever Saturday night and I thought he was just teething. Well, motherly instincts told me that something may be wrong. So Jason took him to the doctor today. Well he has a bad ear infection, a bad case of thrush and irritated throat. The doctor could not believe how well-mannered he was for being ill with so many things. This would explain why he acted as if his mouth has been bothering him, making me think it was his teeth. Luckily he has not stopped eating which happens to many children. He is now weighing 20lbs and 12ozs, which is 2 pounds heavier than four weeks ago!! Check him out in his size 12 month Carhartt overalls. The first photo was altered by my creative father. Ha!


lillasysteryster said...

Poor Jason! Isak knows what it means to have an earinfection.... I hope he will get well soon!!

Cool outfit :-D

titi said...

Who needs to go to the gym! Jase you are giving mommy a real workout!

I like those overalls.

Keona said...

So Jase enjoys a little Redman here and there LOL! I hope you feel better Jase.

Abuelito said...

He looks so good! Can't wait for the day when he can give me a hand with yard work :-) !!!