Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Rosie Cheeks

Jase has been just growing so fast and doing so many things! He is starting to really fill out his 6-12 month clothes so soon he will be in 18 month clothes. It really all just depends on the brand though. He continues to grab at everything and at times gets irritated if he can reach it. Mostly daddy's cellphone is the main thing that he wants that he can't get. He grabs his feet whenever he is on his back, which can be tricky when changing his diaper. He talks so much and the school even makes comments all the time about how much he talks. These pictures were taken after school yesterday and shortly after that he was asleep. He goes to sleep between 630pm and 730pm. So we don't get too much time with him before he is off in dream land. He still wake up almost every hour for about first 4 hours after he goes to sleep (books call it cluster feeding) to eat before going to sleep for the first stretch of three hours and then wakes me up every two hours after that. I guess he is making up for not eating so much during the day. He is starting to eat a little better at school but still not as much as the other kids and he is still bigger than all of them! He likes to roll on his stomach and sleep this way but not every time. It makes me so nervous, especially since he doesn't roll back to his back yet. His head strength is good and he lets me know loud and clear when he has lost his pacifier when he is on his stomach. He sleeps with a little "lovey" blankie and holds on to it. For those of you that know...he must be like his mama! Jason graduates in two weekends and we are looking forward to all the company we will have.


abuelito said...

He's gotten so big! And that is all on momma's milk! Imagine how big he will get once he starts eating Puerto Rican rice and beans. By the way, if you need larger clothes for him, just ask, I have some XXL shirts that he can wear until you figure out how big he'll finally be. Those pants remind me of the old times when Madras shirts were in style.

lillasysteryster said...

He looks just like Isak! :-D Our chubby little boys ;-)

How exciting with the upcoming graduation for Jason! Finally its done! That must be a fantastic feeling!

titi said...

Blue eyes smiling at me, blue eyes is all I see....Oh it's BLUE matter.. His eyes are beautiful. Are you rady for the "doggy overalls from the "1946" picture?

From Jase's rosey cheeks, he must have a fun day at "school". Lots of play.

titi said...

I am telling you staring at his picture while I type make me make many ya Jase, your old great titi liany