Monday, May 14, 2007

Big Week

This past week Jason's mother and father came on Wednesday, my parents came Thursday and then his brother, Tim, and his family came for Jason's graduation on Friday. Finally graduation came and went and now no more dental school. Only two more years of endodontic program and then no more school! We are so proud of him and his accomplishments. We really enjoyed everyone being here and spending time with family. This Sunday was my very first mother's day. It was awesome. My sister sent me orchids in a beautiful vase, my mother got me some great goodies and then my husband and baby Jase got me some fabulous white gold hoop earrings and a return address stamper that has our family name and address on it. You will see it when I send you letters in the mail. Now Jase can sit for longer periods without support. In the next post you will see a video of him. I promise he was not injured in the making of the video!

"I don't know what all the big fuss is!"
"Whoa, look at my feet move."
"What drool?"
Proud parents!!
Who will be the next dental student??????


titi said...

That is what I call a smile of happiness! Congratulations, Jason and Jase the tassel taste pretty good, huh!

Love to you all Titi Liany

Meaghan said...

Congrats Jason! We made it! Hey- is endo residency 2 years now?? not 3?

Meaghan said...

Happy Mother's Day Carmen! I'm sure it was great!

maria said...

I love the little animal footies. Congratulations Jason! I love the graduation garb.

Abuelito said...

It looks like the little animals on his PJ feet are scaring him.

lillasysteryster said...

Congratulations Jason!!!! :-D

Abuelita said...

Wow, now it's Dr. Ames!!!! I'm so proud, does that mean I get free dental care now???

What Jase is saying is, "There are eyes looking at me!!!" That frog could be a scary thing to a baby.