Sunday, March 25, 2007

What a Weekend!

This weekend was very uneventful but at the same time very eventful. First, Friday night I woke up to my heart racing as I heard a strange noise. At first I thought my mother was screaming and then I realized Jason was in the bathroom getting sick. He was up all night "praying" to the porcelain god. That kept me up for hours because I could not sleep through the noise and then I had some serious anxiety that I would be next. Poor Daddy!! Saturday Jason laid in bed all day, I sat on the recliner feeling very sluggish and achy but no upset stomach. My parents were in town and so we all just hung out in the family room watching TV. My parents went to Walmart to get some fluids for Jason so that he would not become dehydrated. We all went to bed and Jason had not gotten sick all day so we thought it was over. WRONG! At about 1am, right after feeding the baby, Jason got up to get sick again. Sigh. I was so worried for him because he said he felt like he was dying. I woke up Sunday morning and went out to the family room to find my mother asleep on the couch and my father in the room. I woke up my mother with Jase and she then told me that she and my father had been up since 4am with upset stomachs!! Oh no!! Needless to say, my poor mother has been in bed all day with stomach and body pains. My dad had been not as bad but has also napped several times as well. Again Jason stayed in bed all day long. So Jase and I had a lot of time together and he seems to being okay even though he has had diarrhea but no fever. As for me, I am doing good for the most part, with only some dull aches in my stomach but it has not gotten upset. We are guessing that Jase had this "bug" and passed to everyone. Damn School!!

I love this photo! I have to figure out what kind of light to get above the changing table because he is now starting to reach and grab things.
Here we are being greasy bums!
Hanging out with Abuelito watching TV and messing around on the computer.
Abuelita loving on me the day before she got sick. Poor thing :(
Those must be some tasty fingers!!


Keona said...

OHHH Girl! I know exactly how Jason, Mama and daddy were feeling! Just from reading the blog that describes exactly how I felt and that is crazy I'm glad Jase didn't get sick!

lillasysteryster said...

Oh no... That sounds terrible!! I hope everyone is doing well now!

Abuelita said...

I am at work but my stomach is churning and making me want to sit still and do nothing. I heated up some chicken noodle soup for co-workers must wonder what that smell is.....mmmmm and it felt so good going down my throat.

So here I sit reading my daughter's blog, what a delightful face that grandson of mine. He is HUGE, he looks half my size, already!!!! I can't wait until he can walk and comes running to me, yes, what a delight that will be.

titi said...

ahh school, and it is just starting! It is amazing how they love sharing and they smile the whole time and they don't really look as bad as all the grownups around them do! The magic of being a baby! ONE big kiss on the 'ol cheek Master Jase. from great titi Liany

Abuelita said...

Aren't I just the luckiest Abuelita, I get to spend so much time with my grandson? We just look so cozy on that couch. I hated to put him down, I could watch him sleep for hours....sigh.

eileen said...

Oh, that sounds terrible! Cute pictures, though.