Saturday, March 17, 2007

14 and 1/2 weeks old

Here I am in my new Jumparoo! My legs are just long enough to reach the floor and move just a little bit while I play.
I really love my jumparoo, it's a gift I got before I was even born from some of my dad's friends at his school. Look at me reach for the toys in front of me!
Man, this thing makes me so tired I have to lay my head down!
I love playing with my daddy and here I am trying to eat his nose...hmmmm...kind of salty.
Last weekend we visited with my aunt, uncle, grammy and grandpa and my cousins. Here I am with my cousin Austin. He even fed me a bottle since I have to have a few on the weekends so that I am not too upset when the teachers at school have to feed me. Although this doesn't seem to be helping me eat to my fullest potential at school. I wish I could have my mommy with me all the time to feed me and cuddle with.
My dog, Chopper, loves me and he always wants to play with me.
Jase has been going to school for three weeks now. It has been the hardest thing that we have had to do. I look forward to when he doesn't have to go anymore. His nose has been stuffy the past week and now he is coughing pretty awful. He hasn't had a fever but seems irritable at times, especially at night. Hopefully he will feel better soon because it's not fun having to suck mucus out of his nose and listen to him cough so hard. He smiles and laughes all the time now. He constantly wants to have his fingers and hands in his mouth. So with that he drools quite a bit so I have to keep a bib on him so that his shirts don't get so wet around his neck and cause little red bumps. I took him to the doctor for his nose on Thursday and they weighed him and so now he weighs 17 lbs and 5 ozs!!! Wow!! To watch a video of him playing with his jumparoo go to this link (since I can't seem to get it to upload to my blog the right way)


Abuelita & Abuelito said...

You are just so adorable, we can't stand to be away from you. You are looking big and bright in your jumparoo, lots of things to learn. We are glad you got to see Grammy and Grandpa this week-end to give them as much joy as we get. We hope you get well and fight off that nasty cold, we love you bunches and miss you terribly.
Hugs and kisses from
Abuelito and Abuelita

Anonymous said...

We made it to Thomasville, Georgia where we are pending the night.

titi said...

The 'school sniffles' those wonderful things that make you wonder if it is all worth it! Little Aaron had tubes placed in both ears this past Wed. He kept getting 'school sniffles' that would turn into colds that would land into his ears and wham bam after several bouts of that and umteen antibiotics..Doc said "TUBES" it will help with the drainage... I hope little Jase doesn't go that route. Grandbaby Aaron is doing better and never missed a beat! Mommy and daddy sure got all the colds he shared with them... So be prepard, Carmen, AIRBORNE really works!

Jase you look great in the jumparoo and I bet daddy's nose was a 'sweet' treat even if salty! Great teething ring! Daddy better watch out for when Jase gets those bottom front teeth!! That will be soon.

titi said...

I just watched your video Jase! you had fun watching mommy pushing the buttons, didn't you?

I love your smile. Your fist in your mouth...hhmmm, Daddy's nose better watch those lower front teeth. Great titi thinks they may be lurking just under your 'gums' and you are hiding them with that beautiful smile and are ready to suprise someone with a nibble soon.

lillasysteryster said...

That sound would drive me crazy... ;-) But it seems to be quite an impressive thing that jumparoo!

He´s still such a cute boy!!!