Monday, April 02, 2007

Jase's first Master's

While I was at work today one of Jason's friends offered their Master's practise round passes to go visit at the end of the day. I was lucky enough to leave a little bit early from work to race home. I had to change clothes and eat something really quick. We left and parked at a friend's house that was very close to one of the gates to the Augusta National Golf Course. We walked towards the golf course where everyone was walking away from due to it being over. All we wanted to do was go and see, since it was my first time seeing the "greatest golf course in the world." We walked in through the metal detectors (again, only people entering since it was over) and the lovely lady asked us if we had a pass for "the baby." I laughed and she looked at me very serious and sincere about the question at hand. I said "no" because "why would we have one for a 4 month old baby????" She then explained that anything with a heartbeat had to have a pass to get in. Luckily, a security officer felt sorry for us and went and got us a pass so that we all three could get in. We just had to promise to return it to the rightful owner, another security manager. I was able to see the amazing greens and at least get a feel for the "Master's". It was so cool because there were all these young men wearing yellow caddy outfits that were the cleaning crew and lawn care men buzzing through the course making it beautiful for the next day events. Here are a few pics of Jase and me. He got real tired at the end and just had enough of looking around.


keona said...

Ahhhh! Jase's first Masters visit and he got all Tuckered out from all the beautiful green grass and flowers! He is soooo freaking cute!

Abuelito said...

Glad you finally were able to enter the golf course. Such a pretty place. Lil'Jase really looked interested until he got tired. He is so cute! I think it would have been more appropriate for lil'Jase to wear the Green Jacket for the occassion. :-) Can't wait until Thursday to see you all.

lillasysteryster said...

Do you know that the "thing" you are carrying Jason in is a Swedish design? Baby Björn is really big here and almost every parent has one thing or another from them. They do everything from chairs to toiletassesories for babies.

And ofcourse he (and you) are so cute! I love that golfcourse!!

titi said...

Beautiful colors! Jase looks like he might have wanted his rest listening to mommy's heart beat!

Have a great Easter.