Friday, January 26, 2007

Week Seven

Hello everyone! Jase is seven weeks old as of Tuesday. Here are just a few photos taken during this week.

Here is a cute photo of Jase in the sink while I got the bath ready for him.

Jase does a fancy trick where he can stick out his tongue when daddy does it.
Here are some shoes that I bought for Jase for Christmas. Well, they are supposed to be size 3-6 months but the elastic around the ankle is so tight that it took me five minutes to get them on his tiny feet. Luckily he is a content baby and just stared at me while I struggled to put them on him.

Wasabi, anyone??


Abuelito said...

Those are some cool shoes, Lil Jase and you look so comfy in the sink. Can't wait to see you all again.

Mrs. V said...

That was a perfect expression for that blob of wasabi coming at him!!! I had heard you could make babies stick out their tongues, that is a riot, I can't wait to try that trick myself. What else can you get them to do???

titi said...

Wasabi, patoti!!look at those EYES! give me water or better yet where is my momma..put down the camera more WASABI!! I want milk. Wait until I get you in the nursing home....I love his expression!!

titi said...

I just noticed his little finger pointing at you!!!

Maria said...

He looks so adorable in the sink.

Anonymous said...

So precious!! He is getting bigger by the day. Andrew says he looks just like his daddy! Love the pics of Jase. Can't wait to see more.

love, Auntie Erin

lillasysteryster said...

I love those shoes! I know its hard to get them on, the feets are so "fluffy" in a way. Isak hasent even used his par of shoes due to his thick feets... ;-)

He looks healthy and ofcourse SO cute!