Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lil Jase Ridin Dirty :P


Abuelito said...

Too funny! Does he really like that type of music? Clever.

titi said...

I like his last comment and facial expression!!!!
Abuelo~ it sounded like YUK! to me what do you think?
It's a neat video. CG put him in those onesie you made before he outgrows them!!!
6:16 AM

Mrs. V said...

He's got some great moves that grandson of mine, I love that pointy finger waving in the air. He looked like he was moving on his own at first.
He's losing some hair...sniff.
Can't wait to see you and hold you and kiss you!!!!


carmen said...

he was moving on his own at first then daddy had to lend a helping hand. the pointed finger was cracking us up!! he seemed to like the music a lot, although daddy would prefer country music.

Anonymous said...

love his first rap video!! So darn cute:) love you.


Anonymous said...

Carmen, This is Teresa, Edwin's wife... You and Jason have the most beautiful baby I have ever seen!!! He is GORGEOUS!!! He looks like he's a really good baby! We are so happy for you and Jason! I know your mom and dad are really proud! My daughter Lauren is pregnant with her first. She is due May 26. We are getting a girl!!! I have been reading your's and your mom's blogs keeping up the baby. I really love what you put on there! It gives your family that doesn't live close to you to keep up with what's going on. Thank you for putting this up. I hope all is well... enjoy your new bundle of joy! He is absolutely beautiful!

Teresa Shattuck