Saturday, January 06, 2007

NO More Bird Baths!!

Here I am getting my first real bath! Of course I loved it and mommy was so glad that I do.
See she's smiling because she is having so much fun cleaning me all up.
Especially all the crevices where all sorts of foul smelling stuff likes to hide, who knew a month old could have stinky toes!!!!
Do I have to get out???
Oh how nice and clean I feel now. Just relaxing with my most awesomest Daddy!!


titi said...

daddy are you asleep? Bath time woke me up I am ready to play..daddy! O, I need to speak to your prof. your too tired! Are your eyes opened?

Is that what you are thinking Mr. Jason Mathew Jr.? Your look spiffy with your hair combed.

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than getting kisses from a sweet, clean baby:) I love that little guy!! Hope all is well at the Ames' household.

love ya'll, ERin

lillasysteryster said...

He looks so relaxed in the tub! And ofcourse soooooo CUTE :-)

Mrs. V said...

Sure am missing that guy...I'll have to call and view him on the computer camera, maybe you can post a video of him on this site, Carmen.
Hugs and kisses,