Thursday, April 02, 2009

CIRCUS...200th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohooo!

My parents came last weekend with my brother and my niece, Elektra. It was going to be a rainy Saturday so I came up with the idea for us to go to the circus. I was nervous about Jase sitting in the stadium seats so I brought his booster seat so I could strap him in and he wouldn't feel like he could just get down when he wanted. This is what I do when we go to the movies too. He was really into it and kept his eyes on the performers. He kept repeating that we were at the circus.

Here he is transfixed on the acrobat that is hanging from a rope. Check out the curls! It was raining and his hair got a little wet and dried like this.
Those are some tasty lips. Looking extra plump that day.

The elephants were soooooo neat. As soon as they came out I almost got emotional because they were holding each other's tails with their trunks and were so big. Here they are sitting on the stools.

My brother and his daughter. Do they look related or what?! She was supposed to nap before we went but she was too excited to actually fall asleep. She passed out within a minute of driving home.
During intermission sucking on a lollipop. He even got to try cotton candy for the first time. Of course he thought it was "m...m...good" (his words exactly). Zach did so good too even though he was sleepy. He sat and watched the entire thing as well.

Jase and I were playing and when I thought we were done he continued with the game that required me to catch him and lift him up to me while I sat on the couch. Well he ran right into my mouth with his head. It hurt so bad I couldn't even speak or cry...which is what I wanted to do. The picture doesn't show the swelling as well as I hoped it would but you get the idea. Six days later and it is still sore and bruised.

Jase playing with his trains.


Maria said...

Congratulations on your 200th post. Love the photos. Your eyes in the fat lip photo look green or hazel.

Anonymous said...

Looks like goldilock curls. I think I'll get Jase an engineer's cap and some bib overalls..

Nathalie said...

that boy of yours sure has a nice set of locks!