Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy Weekend

This weekend was supposed to be fun and relaxing a yard sale held by me with the help of my mother and sister. Well it turned into me getting ill and my mother and sister having to do the entire yard sale themselves. Luckily I had prepared most of the stuff before they got here. Friday evening I went to bed and around 2am I woke up to nurse Zach and I was feverish, sore throat, had body aches and pains with chills. I was so distressed about being sick and my yard sale. By 5am I had broken out in hives and had a fever of 101.6. The hives were my usual hives that were on my scalp and part of my face. We had two house showings for the day and after the yard sale was over we had to leave, which was awful for me being so sick. My hives slowly got worse through the day and by 5pm at our second showing we decided I should go to an urgent care facility at local hospital. There they were "wowed" and "intrigued" by my hives. I told the doctor to check my throat because I thought maybe hives were in my throat because it was sore and I was worried. He then came back and told me I had strep infection. I received to epinephrine shots for my hives and a penicillin shot for my strep. He told me to go to the emergency room by midnight if they had not improved.

This is a photo of us from a previous weekend.

This is me before going to the hospital at 10pm. My face seemed to be getting a little better by them but other parts of my body were not.

My face looks pretty pitiful because I have never been to the emergency room and was a little worried.

The hives that started as a few little spots turned into large welts and then this was actually getting better in the middle but worse on the edges.

Again my back started with a hand full of bumps it turned to this huge mess. I waited 4 and a half hours to be seen and finally was hooked up to an IV of several meds. I actually started looking better by the time they were able to see me but by 5am I was released and started looking a little better. My mother and I went home to finally go to sleep. Jason had to stay home with the children and Zach had to have formula while I was gone because it was not known if it was safe for me to nurse on all of these drugs pumped in my body. The doctor at the ER said I could nurse and thank goodness because when we got home Zach had been awake for a couple hours and Jason was unable to get him to go back to sleep. I spent half of the day sleeping. Jason had left to get my medicines and came home with this fun surprise for Jase.

Jase got his first bicycle. He didn't want to get on it so Jason was trying to encourage him to get on by getting on it.

He grabbed the helmet and put it on his head...like he knew what he was doing.

He just wanted to push around. Hopefully he will get on it soon.

My mother just thought it was so hilarious to see Zach sucking on his toes. Look at him go.

Monday Jase had tubes put in his ears and his adenoids removed. He did well, although the hour after Jase woke up was pretty unpleasant. He didn't want the monitor in his toe and he wanted that IV out of his hand. He was very upset and crying and confused. He was pretty out of it when we got home and here he was very chill at the table playing with his trains. Hopefully after this procedure Jase will feel better and maybe not be as grouchy at times. They said he had a lot of fluid in his ears and his adenoids were huge. He was like a new child this morning. He did get back to his old self as the day went on. Time will only tell.
On another note...our house is under contract!! Whoohoo...


Mrs. V said...

Wow, what a week-end. Aye bendito, pobrecita, we were really scared about Carmen's skin turning into one big, fused red welt. In the morning I thought it was just nerves but the hives just wouldn't go away. We got to the emergency room at 10:30pm, the nurse took Carmen's vitals at midnight but the doctor didn't see Carmen until 3am.

Maria and I were so busy we didn't get any photos of the yard sale. It went well and almost everyone who stopped by bought something. We kept slashing prices until finally, with only 30 minutes left in the sale we marked everything down to 'free.' People couldn't believe the 'free' part and were hesitant to just start take stuff.

Teresa said...

Boy, what a busy weekend! Carmen I hope you get to feeling better. When you say you had a case of hives... you really meant it! Wow! You will be so amazed at what the tubes and taking Jase's adenoids out will do for him. Matt had his out when he was barely 2. It was wonderful! Shortly after that he had his tonsils out... he was never sick again after that. Zach is growing sooo fast! The boys are just gorgeous!

Allison Cross said...

Good God Carm! You've been through some rough days. I'm glad you and Jase are feeling better though. Good luck with the house...hope it sells!!

Meaghan said...

oh my gosh...those hives are crazy. and scary! i'm glad to hear you're feeling better. i'm sure zach was ready to have mama's milk after having formula!

i didn't know jase was going to get ear tubes. i'm glad he got them. i bet that will make him feel so much better. i don't ever remember having them, but apparently ear aches are really terrible. hopefully the tubes will give him good relief.

SO jealous that your house is under contract! we're just putting ours on the market now...a little late. so much stuff to think about! such a pain.

Leigh said...

Jeeez, Carmie. You look so sad and miserable. What a nightmare. You and Jase have been real troopers! Glad you're both doing better. Sooo sorry you had to go thru that. Aren't you SO glad you had your family there to help out? What a blessing! And VERY good news about the house. This is a pivotal point in yalls lives! Very exctiting stuff, kinda like a roller coaster. You want to ride, but it's full of scary stressful moments as well as extraordinary thrills and exhilirations. Just try to enjoy the ride! Love to you all.

Ashley Morrison said...

Hi Chica, I hope you are all better! that sounded horrible.
The Boys are the cutest! Zach is getting SO Big!
Hmm Wonder where they get that from :)
Talk soon and take care!

Ms. Malone said...

You boys are getting so big and adorable. Rihyana had her abneiods and tonsils taken out in March 2007 and she sleeps and breaths so much better..

Betsy said...

what a horrible rash - looks itchy! love the photo of zach sucking his toes...so flexible!

Danielle Causey said...

So, what did they diagnose the rash as? Looks like PUP, the pregnancy (and sometimes afterwards) rash!