Sunday, September 14, 2008

Still pregnant

This is a photo I took while updating the blog. So please excuse they way I look. I am 38 weeks tomorrow! I feel great, not much swelling this time like last time and I can even wear all my jeans and rings. I haven't hit the big 2-0-0 yet, Thank God! But I still have two weeks till my due date and only a few more pounds to tip the scale.
Picture is kind of fuzzy but I just thought he looked so cute with his shirt off. He's a solid kid.
Jason was dove hunting so Jase and I went to his friend's dad's house to visit the family. The father drove us to where the guys were hunting. Jase was not phased by the shotgun shots being fired around him. He even wanted to kiss a poor dead dove bird.
Look at all those teeth! His canine (fang teeth) are still making their way out and boy are they sharp looking little daggers.
I got him these jeans at H&M and I am in love with them. If I could I would put him in them every single day! The are a size 2-3 year so they are a little long for him but they will last all until next spring/summer.
I mean seriously how cute are the backs? And that belt I got at Walmart in the boys department...not the toddler department!
Sorry I just can't resist, they are sooooooooo cool!
Jason took this picture Saturday while I went to the eye doctor and did some shopping. I got to go to the movies Sunday as well. Thank you Jason! My time is going to be limited when this baby arrives since I will be nursing him. Jase still isn't crazy about going to mother's day out and cries when I leave him. It makes him very excited to see me when I get back but it's really made him get very upset when he can't find me in the house. We went grocery shopping and everytime I would go down an aisle he would cry and Jason was at the cart with him. Only time will tell if this mother's day out program will get better for him. He has a good time once he gets over the initial drop off so that is good, instead of him crying the entire time.

Jase started doing this on his own. Too funny when I saw him put the pillow on the floor and then just kept doing it over and over and over. For some reason my google videos just won't cooperate so here is the link to the video.


Maria said...

Jase is a little dare devil with that pillow jumping. His H&M jeans are very stylish. I like the family photo in the golf cart, you all look very cute. Can't wait to see the new baby. Enjoy your last 2 weeks.

Mrs. V said...

Fearless boy!!! Makes me really nervous!!!
I gave Elektra some juice in the blue lidded sippy cup and she said, "That is Jase's cup." So right she is, smart girl.
That family portrait in the "golf cart" is fabulous, maybe the last portrait of when the family was only 3!!??
My ankles got like elephant legs only for my first born, also, Carmen.
Hugs.....eeee gads, only 15 days, I better go pack my bags so I'll be ready to take off in an instant.

Mrs. V said...

Oh, yes, and lovely belly, Carmen, no fat!!! That smile of yours is between John Wayne's and Nini's smile!

Meaghan said...

great video! didn't seem to freak you out at all!

LOVE LOVE LOVE those jeans! you're right. they are REALLY cute! my problem with jeans and ava is keeping them up! does jase have to wear a belt, or is it just cute? :) i'm looking forward to fall/winter clothes!

TWO weeks left. that's crazy to me! i just can't believe it! you look awesome. i really don't know how you're wearing regular clothes at this point. that pic of y'all in the golf don't even look pregnant! i couldn't get regular jeans to go on over my thighs!

anyway, keep the updates coming! thinking of you...

Anonymous said...

Great pictures especially the one of you (all) on the cart. I agree with your friend Meaghan when she wrote you don't look 'pregnant'. By the way, we're going to have to buy Jase some Notre Dame spirit wear to go along with the Georgia wear he now has. the dad