Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Big Boy and Big Belly

We can't get enough of these jeans. Jason photoshopped this photo.
Our angel!
He loves to "Whack" that ball
Hey there blue eyes
What a silly boy!
Pulling out his toys in the yard.
He was so sad when I went inside the house and could not be convinced to continue playing.
Here he is with Abuelito, unfortunately we didn't get any good photos of Abuelita playing with Jase. But she did take him on several walks in the neighborhood and tons of outdoor playing time. He's almost as crazy about her as he is of mommy!
Jason and I did a little photo shoot Sunday to document this pregnancy. He did an awesome job and these are just two photos out of a couple hundred.
Just one baby in that belly!

Jase had a friend's 2nd birthday party and he had such a blast.

On Monday he didn't cry when I dropped him off at Mother's Day Out and today he even smiled and waved goodbye to me! Here he is coming back from the lunchroom. Give me a break, how freaking adorable are they? Hopefully soon he won't need his pacifier there but I guess he must cry at some point for the teacher to give it to him.

This is a video of my belly last week doing some tricks.


Meaghan said...

I saw those pictures on Jason's facebook and commented on several of them. the first one is so cute!

ok, the video of him coming back from lunch is TOO MUCH!!! so freaking cute!

and that belly....he is all OVER the place! i can remember how it feels just watching it!

oh my gosh....keep us all posted!!

Mrs. V said...

Jase is so cute, I'm going to die! I want Ames' baby-2 to come out just as old as Jase is now, I don't want to wait for him to grow up!!

I can't watch that jumping/poking belly video...chills!

I should post my pictures of Jason taking pictures of you, great set-up.

It's a riot how those kids have to look into each room, such a distraction, but they keep on the trail and don't wander too far off it. Precious guy, no crying!!

Meaghan said...


Joey & Page Craft said...

Looking good!!

Joey & Page

susan said...

you look great - when is that baby going to arrive?!