Monday, June 23, 2008

So in my last post I had put a love/hate list for Jase. Of course I realized later that I had forgotten some things. For instance, he loves to sing the ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, count to ten and dance to any kind of music whenever he hears some. He hates macaroni and cheese now. This past week he has continued to talk and talk more and more jibber jabber and usually in the middle of his sentence you will hear a familiar word that makes sense and then you know what he is talking about. blah blah blah blah booger blah blah blah....which means he is talking about how either me or Jason used the snot sucker on his nose and wiped it clean. My belly is growing and growing. This little sucker is tickling my internal organs which feels really weird and he even woke me up the other night digging at my side that I had against the bed. I guess he did not like me smushing him. I am still able to sleep on my stomach for the most part but my braxton hicks sometimes wake me up because they are uncomfortable when I am on my belly. I don't feel uncomfortable yet which is nice but I do know what is ahead of me. Here are some pics from the past week and weekend. We drove up to visit Jason's brother's family and his parents came down to meet us for a family weekend. I went out with a girlfriend for movie and Jason was in charge of the evening schedule while I was gone. Pizza!!!

Here is the little rascal giving you the "eye". He does this for no reason or sometimes he does this when he is trying to wink back at you. Although in this photo I am pretty sure he is giving the evil eye because of all the snapshots being taken.
His cousins had a keyboard that had a microphone on it and he was singing and talking into it all weekend. Too bad our camera doesn't take videos. He was a little performer holding the mic to his mouth and even smiling while talking and singing.
He was running in their backyard and these three photos were in action of him running past me.
How can anyone ask me when am I going to cut his hair? It will be a long, long time from now. I can't get enough of the luscious locks.
He got a hold of this light-saber and would not let go.
Having a great time with his cousins.
He was so hot and Grammy brought him his first ice-pop.
I think he liked it...just a little!
He was a hot, sweaty and dirty little boy after all that playing and running up and down the slope in their backyard.

I just love this shot!
Checking out the neighbor's yard.
He had such a great time with everyone.
He didn't want to let go of Grammy and let Grandpa put him in the car. When we ask him to say Grandpa he says "PaPa" and it sounds so cute.
Here he is back at home, my sweet little devil, eating breakfast and reading his new Thomas book that Grammy got him. So far I have been able to stop him from ripping out the flaps. But once he gets that book out of my sight I am sure the flaps will be ripped out.


titi said...

My goodness, Jase reminds me of Michael at this age...on the go and sweaty having fun in his fancy overalls...and sandals...He is so cute. I love his curls.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful times for everyone! Great photos. And what a nice bear hug Jase had on his Grammy! Hope everyone got back home safe and sound. Thanks for posting.(dad vee)

Maria said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. I love how Jase likes to "read" while eating his breakfast.

Meaghan said...

people want you to cut THAT hair?! don't do it!

the ice-pop pictures are my favorite. how fun to see him playing so hard and being such a little boy! he is delicious. :)