Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just Because

He is so funny and I am just crazy about him!
PLEASE people no more photos, it's too bright!
I can hardly keep my eyes open...
...and my eyes are watering!
This dress makes my belly look huge but it's so comfortable!
Daddy had this coozie on his drink and he wanted it so bad. He thinks he is big stuff! Every time he see's the Georgia G he says "Georgia" and it's so cute. A girl was wearing Georgia Bulldog flipflops and he pointed at them and said "Georgia." So smart!!


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. He is so photogenic. His great grandma would've been so thrilled with him. Dad

Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful visit last weekend with Tim's family and y'all. Such a beautiful fellow and SOOOOO much fun to be with---Those great stories!!! Jason and Carmen are looking mighty great also. Can't wait till the beach to be all together!!! Love, Grammy PS Love those bear hugs!!!

Maria said...

Glad you are enjoying your son. I like the dress. It doesn't look like something you would usually wear but it looks great on you.

Meaghan said...

I think that dress is beautiful....and you look great in it! Love the series of the "too bright" pictures! You can tell he just loves you to pieces! What a sweet boy! Can't wait to see him!