Monday, April 21, 2008

Jase had his latest checkup on Friday. He weighed 29.5 and1/2 (I mean why could they not round it up?) which makes him in the 93%, he is 33 inches tall which puts him in the 80% and his head measured big as usual making plenty of room for that smart brain of his. He got two shots which is just so sad when they jab the needle in his leg as hard as they can. He is officially now down to one nap a day. On my last post I forgot to say that he has stopped nursing. It's been two weeks now. My body stopped producing milk even though I was still nursing him twice a day. I guess my body is getting the milk ready for the new baby. He was just fine with it and never asked for it when I decided to try and see what he would do if we skipped a feeding. I was so torn on what to do and how was I going to wean him and if I was going to wean him at all. So this was easier that my body gradually made the decision for us and it worked out best. He has his molars trying to come through still but it will be sometime before the finally come out. He doesn't seem too bothered by them just yet. I posted many photos of him this time because I just couldn't pick a couple.
This is a photo of the bruise on his forehead from falling down. Poor fellow
He really likes to whack his golf balls!
Looking to see what mama is doing.
Cutest rearview I know

He was having a big time playing in the backyard with Abuelita.
one thirsty guy
Sometimes after he drinks he says "aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh" like it was real good.

He loves talking and telling big stories and uses his hands to express himself.
He new favorite thing to do is scream for no reason.

Looking at the pictures and videos on Abuelita's camera.
These are some tasty rocks

He loves his Chopper dog
My two hunter men
He looks upset but he wasn't. This was his first haircut. I trimmed his bangs a little shorter than I wanted but they are still cute.
Does this lady know what she is doing with those sharp objects in my face?
Here he is with his new bangs!


Anonymous said...

Cute haircut! You did a great job, Carm! Love the pic of him drinking his water!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. All boy for sure.... Mr. Rowdy, maybe? Good luck to his mom and dad when he starts school and he lets loose in his class room with one of his yells, screams, battle cry, war chant, or whatever they are.. abuelito

titi said...

I thought the bruse was a smudge!!!

I love those screams...not!

What a haircut..he will remember you for this. I love it! Michael grabbed the stylist "grand Tetons" when he got his! I've always wanted to post that is all in Spanish..he went under her blouse, can you imagine that..

Maria said...

How cute is my nephew! Love the haircut and the photo of him loving on Chopper.

Meaghan said...

ok, the pic of him and chopper is SO cute! :) i can't decide if his haircut makes him look older or younger! at first i thought younger, but now i'm not sure! do you miss all that fabulous, flowing hair? you did a great job, btw! good to hear about him weaning easily...makes it easier on you for sure! way to go, super woman, for nursing that long! that's awesome! no belly pics yet??