Tuesday, April 15, 2008

16 months and ten days :)

I had bought a bathing suit for Elektra and wanted to see if it would fit her so I tried it on Jase. Needless to say...he did NOT like it!
Here he is with a book of illustrations that Titi Maria gave him from her work. If you saw some of the photos you would question why he likes it so much.
Here he is getting a special treat from Daddy's drink. I mean this guy looks like he has been drinking like this for years.
I just love this photo!
Poor guy was not happy in this pic but I thought it was too cute. Check out those feet.
Here he is with our friend's daughter, Georgia. (a.k.a. future girlfriend)

Seriously look at the way they are looking at each other. soooooo cute

Eating breakfast holding on to my makeup brushes that he got from the bathroom. I am still missing one and have no idea where it went. hmmm...

Playing at Nicolas' house with Nicolas, Jack and Bowen.

Here is a picture of Jack playing dress up with girly shoes and a wand!

It was so cute to see him and Nicolas together because they are only one month apart in age.

Here is a precious shot of Elektra painting.

He kept putting the ball in the basket and afterwards he would sign DADA. Which is so neat because Jason takes him to the big basketball goal in our neighborhood so he was able to associate the two. Jason was still in Canada when these pictures where taken, so Dada was not even there.

He is turning his head sideways because Abuelito had his head turn sideways to take the shot of him.

He was sooooooo excited to be riding in the Vette with Abuelito. They made a trip to a few stores and he danced and talked the entire time. My father said that he will bring Jase on more store trips since he discovered that Jase is a "Chick Magnet."

I just thought these two shots of him in the rearview were neat.

I wonder what he is thinking in this shot.

He had a lot of things to talk about and you can see it in this photo.

Many people have asked how I am feeling and when I am going to post photos of my belly on the blog. Well folks, I must admit that I think my stomach does look like I am pregnant or need to lose weight but it's not that cute pregnant belly yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks when my fat deposits get smoothed over I will post photos. Otherwise, I am feeling great and heard the heartbeat today. I have been feeling the light little precious taps in my belly. I am 16 weeks and will find out in four weeks what we are having.


Anonymous said...

Jase had a blast riding in the Corvette with me. I raised the passenger seat as high as it would go so he could see out the front windshield and passenger door window. I had the radio on and he was dancing to the music. He would turn to look at me and just smile and laugh. He talked jibberish the entire time he was in the car. We went to Sam's Club, WalMart and an auto parts store. I learned from the trip with him that if I ever decide to go out to pick up women, I am taking Jase with me because he sure did attract several while at the stores. And yes, I'm glad he objected to being a model for Elektra's bathing suit.

Anonymous said...

love the pics! And we love ya'll, too

titi said...

Jase is so great to watch grow!!!

ashpuck said...

Poor little Jase in that bathing suit! He is getting so big and as always is so cute. Love all the facial expressions in the photos. Love, Ashley

Meaghan said...

oh my gosh. what a great post! hysterical pic of jase in that bathing suit! that is SOME play room you've got there with all that fun stuff!! his hair is getting so long! has he had a hair cut yet? the wendy's cup is funny....looks HUGE! he definitely looks like a pro! LOVE the sideways head shot! jase and georgia are so cute! :) by the way...i love his clothes. they're really cute, cool boy clothes...no bears and stuff! :) glad to hear you're doing well. looking forward to those belly shots! :)

Maria said...

Thanks for posting all the photos and the videos. It's great to be able to see danephew getting so big.